Overwatch 2 devs reveal buffs to Junkrat, Wrecking Ball, Junker Queen & more

Michael Gwilliam
Overwatch 2 Junker Queen cinematic

The Overwatch 2 team has announced a series of buffs coming in the mid-season patch with some detailed changes to Wrecking Ball and Junker Queen.

The May 14 Overwatch 2 patch is going to give tanks a series of improvements to increase their survivability such as taking less headshot damage, decreased knockback, and extra self-healing.

However, the devs have some additional plans in the works for some other heroes as Game Director Aaron Keller revealed in a new blog post.

According to Keller, Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout is getting a nice buff where it will be activated even while other abilities such as Rampage or Carnage are being channeled. This will also come alongside a reduced cooldown of 12 seconds.

Wrecking Ball is also getting some love following his mini-rework at the start of the season. The hamster’s damage when hitting enemies with a fully-charged Grappling Claw is going up from 50 to 60 will now lock enemies out of movement for .25 more seconds.

wrecking ball cut scene in overwatch 2
Wrecking Ball is getting even more buffs.

His Minefield ultimate is getting tweaked, too. The explosion damage on the mines is being increased from 130 to 165, and its knockback is going up from 5 to 10 meters.

Finally, Keller confirmed that Junkrat will be among three other heroes getting some small buffs. This is great news for fans of the low-tier DPS hero who have been dying to see some changes to the quirky damage dealer for months now.

He further added that Echo and Hanzo would also be receiving buffs, but the dev didn’t specify what the improvements will be.

All these changes are scheduled to go live on May 14, so players will still have two weeks of waiting for the update. Until then, tank players will just need to be patient as the new DPS passive continues to make their lives a living hell.