Clash Royale Summer Update: Patch notes, new modes & more

cover art for battle banners in clash royaleSupercell

Clash Royale Season 37 is upon us with the latest Summer update releasing with a host of new features as well as in-game fixes. Here’s everything you need to know about the Clash Royale Summer update.

The latest patch in Clash Royale is now live on the servers and there’s plenty of new content to explore. There’s a lot for you to go through, ranging from new banners and badges to new game modes.

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Although the Summer update hasn’t brought forward any new balancing changes, it is safe to say that those are expected to arrive according to their scheduled timing during the first week of July. Let’s dive in and check out all the new features in the Clash Royale Summer Update.


cover art for the introduction of Battle Banners in Clash Royale with the Summer update.Supercell
Battle Banners are the latest cosmetic additions in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Summer update new cosmetics

The biggest cosmetic addition in the Summer update is the Battle Banners. These brand-new cosmetics are shown at the start of each Battle and allow you to represent your style within Clash Royale. Additionally, these banners are completely customizable, making it very easy to represent yourself in whichever manner you want.

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However, you will have to unlock various design elements to customize your banner with them. You can unlock these elements from the newly introduced Banner Box. The Banner Box is unlockable with the help of Gems or Banner Tokens. Collecting this new form of currency is a fairly simple task and you can do so using these two methods:

  • Special Challenges
  • Mastery Rewards

Apart from Battle Banners, the Summer update has also introduced a bunch of new badges for you to choose from for your banners. Additionally, you should also note that new badges will be released every season to further expand your choices for the perfect banner. Having said that, here’s a list of all the new badges that were released in Clash Royale:

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  • Clan Wars 2
  • Donations
  • Collection Level
  • Supercell Creator
  • Banner Collection
  • 2v2
  • Emote
  • CRL badges for both spectators and competitors
  • ???
cover art for banner tokens in clash royaleSupercell
Open Banner Boxes to claim Banner Tokens and purchase new cosmetic elements in Clash Royale.

New modes in Clash Royale Summer update

With the release of the Summer update, the Duels game mode is now available even without Clan Wars. You can now play the Duels mode in the following setups:

  • Challenges
  • Friendly Clan Battles
  • Clan Wars

Additionally, a new version of the Duels mode has also been introduced with the new update. This new mode has been named Ban Pick Duels and here are the points that you need to note about it:

  • Players BAN two of their opponent’s decks at the start of the Duel
  • Players PICK one of their remaining decks
  • One Battle is then played to determine the winner

Apart from this, the regular Duels mode is also available in case you are more suitable with that. It is also important to note that you will have to set up your individual Duel Decks for any Duels that you participate in outside Clan Wars.

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Duel Decks are made up of four decks, using 32 unique cards. You can’t use the same card in more than one deck. From the Battle Deck tab, you can toggle between Battle Decks and Duels Decks to create or edit your Duel Deck. However, you should remember that Duel Decks and War Decks are different and should be set accordingly.

cover art for Clash Royale Summer updateSupercell
Check out all the new changes and fixes in Clash Royale after the Summer update.

In-game changes and bug fixes in Clash Royale Summer update

The Clash Royale Summer update has also introduced a bunch of in-game changes along with a plethora of bug fixes. Here’s a list of all the changes and bug fixes that were implemented with the latest update in Clash Royale.

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Volume Sliders

These sliders can be used to set exactly how loud the volume of the “Music” or “SFX” should be.

Simply head on over to “Settings” and tap on “Audio”.

The Trader

The Trader now has his wares available in the Shop!

As well as being in a new location, we’ve also made changes to how the Trader works. In addition to re-rolling which Cards players want to “GIVE” players can now also re-roll the Cards they want to “GET”.

There is now no limit to how many times a player can re-roll or how many times a player can Trade each day (this is now only limited by how many Trade Tokens players have available).

New Mastery Tasks

10 character cards have received the third tier of Mastery Tasks that will allow you to further enhance their performance in the game. Additionally, you will also receive Banner Token for completing these tasks in Clash Royale. Here’s a list of all the cards that received the third tier of Mastery Tasks with the Summer update:

  • Mega Knight
  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Arrows
  • Electro Spirit
  • The Log
  • Wizard
  • Mortar
  • Earthquake
  • Princess
  • Wall Breakers
cover for the 10 cards that are getting new mastery tasks in clash royale.Supercell
These cards have received third-tier Mastery tasks with the Summer update in Clash Royale.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Private Tournament UI
  • Fixed a rare crash with the main deck builders
  • Fix for Draft choices leading to cards that were outside of the specified Draft sets
  • Removed the ability to upgrade your own cards when viewing a Clanmate’s cards
  • Fix for the deck builder behaving erratically if the user switched decks in the middle of editing
  • Fix for personal best scores displaying incorrectly on some Player Profiles
  • Star levels are now hidden when viewing card info screens from the Clan UI
  • Fix for players sometimes being awarded a chest that is not from their Arena
  • Fix for a deck showing incorrectly when skipping past the ‘Pick’ phase in a Draft replay
  • Fixed special characters not being displayed correctly
  • Implemented a change to Legendary chests when the player has not yet reached an Arena that unlocks Legendary cards
  • Fixed an issue with the name change dialog that could potentially cause a disconnect
  • Added a number of Challenge events to the list of modes that can level up Badges
  • Added various new loading screen tips
  • Fix for the magical Deck Wizard trying to assign more than one Champion to a deck
  • Fix for the iOS native copy option removing the URL from the “invite to clan” message

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to about the new Season 37 Summer update for Clash Royale.

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