Best Mac games of 2022

Jessica Filby
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Looking for some great games on the Mac? There are plenty, but sifting through all of them can be a pain. Here are the best Mac games available.

While the Mac may not be particularly designed for intense gaming, there are many occasions in which Mac owners wish they could jump onto a quick game and enjoy themselves for a few hours. Thankfully, more and more games are being added and even better experiences are now available.

While there may be a fair few games available on the Mac, sorting through them to find the best one can be a challenge. Thankfully, we’ve found some of the best games on the Mac.


Fortnite cover
Enjoy the classic battle royale on the Mac.

The classic battle royale is an available game for any Mac owner. It’s relatively easy on the graphics and is one of the few faster-paced shooters available on the Mac.

Fortnite is a great shooter game that combines a cartoon style with classic fighting mechanics to create a game that has kept its success up for years.

Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley
Enjoy a relaxing farming sim with Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is perfect for any budding farmer, or for someone who just wants to settle down behind their Mac and tend to their peaceful farm.

In Stardew Valley you get to tend to crops, make new friends, participate in events and even find an NPC to fall in love with and marry. It’s a style far away from the likes of Fornite but is a wonderful chill game with little pressure and tons of adorable artwork.


Zag in front of a red background
Travel through the underworld in this Roguelike.

If relaxation is the desire when finding a great Mac game then maybe Hades is not the right game for you. However, if you love mythology, stunning graphics, and a good challenging roguelike then look no further.

In Hades, you embody the son of Hades himself, otherwise known as Zagreus. His only goal is to escape the underworld and join the other gods in Olympus. But Hades won’t make it that easy.

It’s a challenging but addictive experience that will leave you wanting ‘one more game’ over and over again.


Shooting at a base in Rust
Explore worlds and destroy bases in Rust.

Another fantastic multiplayer game, only this one focuses more on survival and building than wiping out anyone you want to. Although, that’s something you can still do in Rust.

This is a fantastic FPS survival that has held out for nearly a decade and is undeniably a fan favorite. If creation, destruction, and exploration are the aim, Rust is the game.


Fighting a boss in Cuphead
Try not to succumb to the Devil in Cuphead.

Cuphead should come with a warning before playing, wrap any expensive items in bubblewrap to prepare for the inevitable rage quit.

It’s an extremely challenging game all masked by the adorable artwork and lovable characters. Don’t expect to get through this game without dying more times than you can count. But also don’t expect to end up hating the game, Cuphead is surprisingly lovable.


Exploring in Firewatch
Explore the beautiful wilderness with Firewatch.

When it comes to playing games on a laptop that’s not necessarily built to deal with the height of newly released games, it can be easy to forget the days of expansive gameplay with stunning graphics. Thankfully, with Firewatch you’ll remember and relive those days with ease.

Essentially, you get to embody a man who is escaping the devastation of life by working in the national park. You end up exploring the beautiful park and discover some unex[ected mysteries in the process.

Civilization VI

Build and conquer with Civilization VI.

If tactics and longer gameplay are the style you’re looking for then Civilization VI is the best Mac game for you.

It’s not necessarily the most fast-paced or visually stunning game available for the Mac. That being said, it still brings together a wonderful turn-based strategy with history lovers’ lore.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium gameplay
Play as a troubled detective in this heartfelt experience.

Disco Elysium is a fantastic RPG where you play as a detective with a twist. It’s a fantastic game available on the Mac and is well worth a try for any RPG fans or fans of a good cop story.

It’s also got multiple endings meaning it has great replayability and an even better story. If you have a Mac, this is a fantastic game to try out.


Minecraft caves update promo
Create, destroy, fight, and explore in Minecraft’s wonderful open world.

You can’t go wrong with Minecraft. It’s simple, effective, and an absolute classic.

Minecraft on the Mac holds up just as it does on every other platform, mostly due to the simplicity of the gameplay and the lower graphics. However, that doesn’t take away from the unlimited creativity and the uses such a game can have when installed. Any spare time can be dedicated to creating a fantastic world with little effort or concern.


Celeste cover image
Become immersed in the heartwarming story of Celeste through your Mac.

Celeste is a charming, beautiful, and heartwarming experience that every Mac player needs to try out. It’s filled with wonderful characters that everyone can relate to and has a story that will impact even the stone-cold gamers out there.

Ultimately, this is one of the best narrative-driven indie games available on the Mac and will likely be an experience you will never forget.

Those are the best Mac games available right now, there are a plethora of different experiences to try out. While they’re installing, why not check out some of these:

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