Best guns & melee weapons to use in Atomic Heart

p-3 using melee weapon on enemy in Atomic HeartMundfish

Atomic Heart has a ton of choices when it comes to delivering damage, and we’ve gone ahead and sifted through the game’s guns and melee weapons to find the most effective weapons to use in Atomic Heart.

During the course of Atomic Heart’s runtime, Agent P-3 will come across a large helping of resources that will enable the Major to assemble some truly destructive weapons that are wonderfully effective against malfunctioning robots.

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You 100% need to spend your time and resources wisely as you’ll want your best weapons to be as strong as possible by the time you get to Atomic Heart’s end-game.

So let’s go through Atomic Heart’s best weapons and pick out the best gun and melee tools that are best for the trade.

p-3 using fat boy gun in atomic heart on enemyMundfish

Best guns in Atomic Heart

We’ve carefully selected the four Atomic Heart guns that we believe you should focus on using your upgrade materials on as they fit different purposes.

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Not requiring ammo and running off of purely Energy, we found the Electro Pistol to be possibly the game’s most underrated weapon. Whereas the Dominator and Railgun are big bulky, hard-hitting Energy goliaths, it can be a while before you get them and they simply burn through your reserves.

Instead, we think it’s better to focus a great deal of time and effort into upgrading the Electro as when combined with powers such as Frostbite, you can be picking off some enemies with only a couple of shots here and there. Not only that but improving your Energy levels will make the gun perform even better than it already does.

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Where would an FPS title be without a Shotgun, eh? The KS-23 fulfills this obligation in Atomic Heart and simply has to be one of your main go-to options throughout your journey. Upgrading its damage, fire rate, and magazine makes the KS-23 an invaluable ally.

It will get to a point where you can one-shot basic hostiles and it will still be able to cause great damage to upper-tier foes and even bosses.


Repeating the sentiment discussed with the KS-23, the Kalash, otherwise known as the AK-47, is your typical, brutish Assault Rifle that gives you a weapon with a longer rate of fire.

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There’s nothing too special to shout at home about with the Kalash, to be honest. It won’t be long though before you increase your inventory meaning you can store 200-300 bullets, combine them with elemental canisters, and gain extra damage and an increased fire rate to offer a sustained period of offense.

Fat Boy

You can throw finesse out the window when it comes to the Fat Boy, while it’s not quite shot-putting mini-nukes like Fallout’s Fat Boy does, in Atomic Heart, the Fat Boy is a game-changer for those more formidable opponents – and again, boss fights.

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If you can get yourself to a Polygon to find the right blueprints to upgrade its capacity and damage potential, then you need to get crafting ammo to keep this weapon of mass destruction raring and ready to go.

p-3 holding melee weapon in atomic heartMundfish

Best melee weapons to use in Atomic Heart

While not as glamorous and in danger of becoming obsolete by the end of Atomic Heart, a good way to conserve ammunition and still dish out sizable portions of damage is melee weapons. You can still knock sizable lumps out of enemy forces and there are players who prefer a more up-front and aggressive style like this.

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It’s your starting weapon, so it would be rude not to include the Swede. Just a rudimentary fire axe that can end up looking pretty stylish all things considered once you’ve applied some new parts to it.

With the ability to 360-spin attacks and land booming heavy attacks, it’s a great little weapon that will be perfectly viable and serviceable for much of the early stages of the game.


The main goal though for players who are into their melee combat is to get their hands on the Zvezdocha as its base damage is higher than any other melee weapon in Atomic Heart.

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Like with any other weapon we’ve featured here in our guide, the Zvezdocha leaves room for players to tinker and improve, and it’s well worth saving up the resources to acquire.

That wraps up our Atomic Heart weapons guide, and if you want to know more about Mundfish’s debut title, we have more content right here:

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