How long is Atomic Heart? Main story length & completionist run

Atomic Heart robotMundfish

The story of Atomic Heart takes players on a heart-stopping journey through a twisted Soviet facility, but players might be wondering how many hours it takes to roll the credits. Here’s everything we know about how long Atomic Heart really is.

After years of development, the release of Atomic heart is almost here and players can’t wait to experience its unique blend of Bioshock and Half Life with a more modern open-world layout.

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Atomic Heart’s campaign sees players thrown into Facility 3826, found in an alternate-reality Soviet Union where an AI hivemind is running riot, to meet a host of quirky characters and shoot through killer machines.

It’s an intriguing story, but those jumping in will be wondering how many hours they need to invest before reaching the end. Here’s everything you need to know about how long Atomic Heart is.

How long is Atomic Heart?

player encountering an enemy in atomic heartMundfish

Developer Mundfish has stated in the past that Atomic Heart should take at least 20 hours to complete. While they didn’t go into specifics, we’d expect that this is when playing through the story at a steady pace while wandering off the beaten path from time to time.

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A full completionist run will likely take closer to 30 or 40 hours if you’re planning on unlocking every achievement along the way. The world is dense and full of secrets to discover, so it will take a serious time commitment to see everything the game has to offer.

Of course, these numbers will also vary depending on which difficulty players select at the beginning. Those on the lowest setting will be able to breeze through each combat encounter and power through the story, while those looking for a challenge might get hung up on one of the savage boss fights.

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Ultimately, it all depends on how you want to play. But fans who purchase Atomic Heart, or pick it up on Game Pass, can rest assured that they’ll get at least 20 hours of gameplay before hitting the credits.

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