How to access Polygon Testing Ground chambers in Atomic Heart

p-3 looking at polygon chamber entranceMundfish

As well as Atomic Heart’s main story, the game’s side content that will distract you are the Polygon Testing Ground chambers. So let’s show you how to access these tricky but rewarding locations.

Like a lot of things in Atomic Heart, the concept of the Polygon Test chambers can be quite ambiguous and can pose a lot of mysteries in the game.

What’s inside them? Will whatever it is try to kill you? But most importantly, how do you enter the sacred grounds of these Polygon chambers?

They’re not the easiest thing in the world to figure out how to access and the game never makes it explicitly clear, so our Atomic Heart guide should push you in the right direction to opening them.

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p-3 confronting enemy in atomic heartMundfish

How to access secret Test Chambers in Atomic Heart

Accessing Polygon Test Chambers in Atomic Heart will require players to seek out a nearby surveillance system and use a camera to unlock the chamber entrance.

CHAR-les and P-3 will talk about how to get inside the first one you come across, but it’s never made explicitly clear how you’re supposed to get inside them.

Follow these instructions and you should be golden:

  1. Check your map and find big circles marked with Testing Ground.
  2. Now, somewhere in the vicinity of that circle, you will need to locate a tall, thin, white machine stand that you can access.
  3. Typically, they are found at the top of platforms that can be reached with an elevator at the bottom easily identifiable by a golden circular platform.
  4. Not every single one is like this though, but the device you use will always remain the same.
  5. Once you’ve found the device, press the action button to use it.
  6. You will now need to select a camera located near the Chamber entrance.
  7. You’ll know if you have the right one as when you aim the camera at the entrance, a prompt will appear.
  8. Press the matching button and you should be able to see or hear the Polygon entrance door open.

Once you’ve made your way inside it’s all down to you. Puzzles and/or enemies will stand in your way and there will be three different rewards for you to claim.

Now that you know how to access Atomic Heart’s Polygon Testing Ground chambers, check out some of the other guides we’ve whipped up for the game:

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