How to unlock Blair in The First Descendant

Jessica Filby
The First Descendant Blair

Focusing primarily on fire, Blair is ready to bring the heat to Ingris and take down his enemies with ease. So, here’s exactly what you need to do to unlock him.

Blair is a powerful Damage over Time dealer and can be an extremely entertaining character to play. However, he isn’t on the roster as one of the free starting characters, meaning you’ll need to unlock him before you get the chance to burn up your enemies.

So, with that in mind, here’s all you need to know about how to unlock Blair in The First Descendant, from all his crafting items, skills, and exactly who he is.

How to unlock Blair

The First Descendant Blair Research
Blair may take some time to unlock, but he’s worth it.

To unlock Blair in The First Descendant, you can either buy him from the store for 600 Caliber, or research him, which is the free way to gain access to this powerful Descendant.

If you’re looking to craft him, you’ll need the following parts:

Enhanced cell parts

  • Repton x192
  • Semiconstant Plasma x225
  • Arche Receptor x15
  • Blair Enhanced Cell Blueprint x1
  • x150,000 gold

Stabilizer parts

  • Repton x192
  • Hardner x453
  • Data Processing Cercuit x9
  • Blair Stablizer Blueprint x1
  • x150,000x gold

Spiral Catalyst parts

  • Metal Accelerant x270
  • Hardner x453
  • Monite Stone x16
  • Blair Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • x150,000x gold

Code parts

  • Blair Code x1

Once you have all his crafting materials, head over to Anais in the Albion Mountains and gain access to the Research Institute. Shortly after, you’ll need to pay 400,000 to research him and wait 16 hours for him to become available.

Blair Skills

The First Descendant Blair skills
Blair has some skills that could be too hot to handle. At least for the enemies you go up against.

Now you have Blair, it’s vital you know all about his skills, from his powerful fire damage, Burn effects, and critical hit powers.

His passive skills and active skills have been listed below:

Passive Skills

  • Pitmaster (Passive): Increases Critical Hit Damage when attacking Burning enemies. Critical Hit Chance increases based on the number of active Flame Zones.

Active Skills

  • Blaze Up: Unleashes flames that damage nearby enemies and create a Burn Zone. Burn Zones inflict continuous damage and the Burn effect on nearby enemies.
  • Extinguish: Collects Stoves from the battlefield and restores Mana. Retrieving Stoves also temporarily increases DEF.
  • Burn Taste: Fires flames forward, dealing continuous damage and the Burn effect to enemies at the point of impact.
  • Deadly Cuisine: Throws a large fireball that splits into smaller fireballs upon impact, causing additional explosions. The explosions inflict the Burn effect and create a Burn Zone on the ground.

Who is Blair?

The First Descendant Blair lore
Blair had to burn before he rose to become a Descendant.

Originally serving as the cook for HQ, Blair knows his way around fire, which likely aids his preferred damage type.

After being ambushed by a bipedal Colossus brandishing fire while camping, Blair ran to the nearby storehouse to save his ingredients, getting trapped inside in the process. He swiftly fell unconscious as the ingredients in his arms began to burn.

Upon regaining consciousness, Blair noticed fierce flames rising from his hands, prompting him to train harder than anyone else to become a Descendant.

Despite now being a Descendant, he still loves to cook and is always making up snacks for his fellow teammates.

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