The First Descendant Ultimate weapons tier list: Best Ultimate weapons ranked

James Lynch
The Ultimate Weapons for The First Descendant

The First Descendant is now live and, as with most looter shooters, there are a lot of different weapons to choose from. Fortunately, we have prepared a tier list that’ll show which weapons you should be using.

In The First Descendant, there are nine different weapon types – Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Tactical Rifles, Hand Cannons, Shotguns, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Beam Rifles.

High Fire Rate guns have come out on top in the current meta for the most part. There are some standouts in the other categories, but you’ll generally want to be running at least one Machine Gun, SMG or Assault Rifle, particularly if you’re just starting out.

Here’s our full The First Descendant weapons tier list.

The First Descendant weapon type tier list

TierWeapon type
SMachine Guns
AHand Cannons, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Beam Rifles
BScout Rifles, Tactical Rifles, Launchers
CShotguns, Sniper Rifles

The First Descendant Ultimate weapons tier list

SExecutor, Clairvoyance, Perforator, Nazeistra’s Devotion, Python Instinct
ASecret Garden, Divine Punishment, Thunder Cage, Blue Beetle, Enduring Legacy, Albion Cavalry Gun
BKing’s Guard Lance, Piercing Light, Wave of Light, Afterglow Sword, Smithereens, Restored Relic
CSigvore’s Proof, Final Masterpiece, Greg’s Reversed Fate, The Last Dagger, Fallen Hope

Best Ultimate weapon in The First Descendant (July 2024 meta)

Depending on your playstyle and chosen Descendant, there are two guns that stand at the top of the meta. The first is Python Instinct, an SMG with the unique perk Prey. Prey applies a stacking debuff that lowers Toxic resistance by 10% per stack. If you’re running Freyna, it’s pretty much a necessity.

Our other choice is Clairvoyance, a beam rifle with brilliant damage scaling. Hitting enemies with a Stage 2 Beam inflicts Void Gaze on the target, with a Stage 3 Beam inflicting Appalled Calling instead (which often acts in a similar manner to Frostbite).

The First Descendant Weapon tiers explained

Our tier list follows a simple system that divides weapons based on their overall efficacy in combat:

  • S: The best weapons in the game
  • A: Very good weapons offering an alternative to other options
  • B: There might be situations where these weapons can perform well
  • C: Best to avoid unless you really want to give the weapon a try

S-Tier Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant


The Executor in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 16
    • Fire Rate: 109
    • Reload Time: 1.85 seconds
    • Impending Judgement: Hitting enemies will all bullets grant Executor’s Exaltation. Highest stage increases Firearm ATK on hit and inflicts Electrocution on the target enemy. On hitting an Electrocuted enemy, increase Firearm ATK and apply this buff to the attack.

Shotguns are in a really tough spot overall, but the Executor stands alone as the best in class. Its flat rate outgoing damage is excellent in its own right, however it also has improved accuracy each time you hit anything.

Couple this with the Electrocution debuff it applies at the top stage of the Executor’s Exaltation buff (which synergizes with an increased ATK stat), and it quickly becomes difficult to ignore. It’s an excellent choice for Descendants whose abilities rely on close-quarters combat with enemy hordes.

Python Instinct

The Python in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 21
    • Fire Rate: 923
    • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
    • Python Instinct: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, it inflicts the unique ability Prey on the target enemy.

The best SMG in the game is an underrated gem that becomes even more powerful when placed in the hands of the right Descendant. As mentioned earlier, the stacking Prey perk is where this gun comes into its own, particularly when built towards venom damage (which is quite potent in the meta.)

For this reason, it’s an absolute monster in the hands of a Descendant like Freyna, whose abilities are centered around dealing venom damage. Outside of that, it carries impressive DPS into the field and remarkable accuracy, considering the ridiculous Fire Rate.

Nazeistra’s Devotion

Nazeistra's Devotion in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 81
    • Fire Rate: 150
    • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
    • Fanaticism: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, inflicts the unique ability Devotion Mark on the target enemy. On hitting an ally, that ally’s shield is restored at the cost of your MP.

Support characters are by no means the most popular right now, but they are an important part of the game. Nazeistra’s Devotion is the perfect accompaniment for those Descendants looking to help out their allies in battle.

The Fanatacism perk allows players to shoot other party members to restore their shield at the cost of their own MP. For those who can master the quick reactions and situational awareness that make this weapon unique, it’s probably the best support gun in the game.


The Perforator in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 141
    • Fire Rate: 99
    • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Detect: On hitting a Weak Point, inflicts damage to the enemy’s Shield in proportion to their Max Shield at a set chance. The higher the Firearm Level, the closer this damage gets to the maximum limit. When damage is dealt to the enemy that completely depletes the target enemy’s Shield, inflict Stun with a set chance.

As its name may suggest, Perforator packs a hell of a punch. The gun’s high attack stat, solid Fire Rate and reasonable reload time immediately elevate it to the position of best offensive Hand Cannon in The First Descendant.

Its perk is excellent for those with the accuracy to proc it. It deals Max Shield proportional damage when hitting a weak point, meaning that it’s absolutely broken when up against enemies with significant shielding (which happens a lot.)


Clairvoyance in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 23
    • Fire Rate: 399
    • Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
    • The Thing Beyond: Hitting an enemy with a Stage 2 Beam inflicts Void Gaze on the target. Hitting an enemy with a Stage 3 Beam inflicts Appalled Calling on the target. This effect is considered the same as Frostbite in some modes.

The only S-Tier Beam rifle in the S-Tier is also a remarkably well-rounded option that makes light work of tough boss enemies. Though it has a slower Fire Rate than King’s Guard, its significantly higher attack stat makes it easier to use with a higher overall damage output.

The status effects that it applies to enemies at Stage 2 and 3 synergize perfectly with a ton of meta builds, particularly for those playing with Viessa. It also has solid add clear potential for encounters with high volumes of enemies.

A-Tier Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant

Secret Garden

Secret Garden in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 23
    • Fire Rate: 480
    • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Gardener: When using a Dimension skill, recovers Custom Resource with a set chance. When using a Tech skill, grants the unique ability Pest Control with a set chance.

For Descendants that use Tech and Dimension abilities, Secret Garden is a huge boon that pays off in any overall loadout. As a gun, it is fairly unremarkable, dealing reasonable damage with an average reload time that wouldn’t place it anywhere above C-Tier.

The true potential of this weapon is entirely dependent on how players use their abilities. As such, it can be a little tricky to use if you aren’t super familiar with your Descendants rotation. That said, the damage buff it provides is so immense it’s well worth learning how to use your abilities efficiently.

Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 23
    • Fire Rate: 705
    • Reload Time: 1.55 seconds
    • Prayer: Granting a buff to allies will grant the unique effect Meditation to yourself. Recovering an ally’s (HP/Shield/MP/Resources) will grant the unique effect Praise to yourself. Inflicting a debuff on an enemy will grant the unique effect Glory to yourself.

The other possible contender for the best support weapon in the game is Divine Punishment. This Assault Rifle has impressive damage output, with a high Fire Rate and excellent overall accuracy. With Assault Rifles being so strong right now, it’s a solid choice for that alone.

Happily, it also comes with incredible support perks that turn it into a game-changer. It applies the Meditation buff to the player when buffing allies, increasing base DEF by 10% for 30 seconds. When healing allies, it grants Praise, which reduces the skill cooldown. Lastly, inflicting debuffs grants Glory, which increases firearm ATK.

Thunder Cage

Thunder Cage in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 24
    • Fire Rate: 666
    • Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
    • Overcharge: Defeating an enemy unleashes an electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3 meters.

Thunder Cage is, above all else, a fun gun to use. That said, there are some situations where it could be in the tier below, particularly in single-enemy, high-health pool fights. The gun itself has a fairly ideal Fire Rate, outputting competitive damage based on that and its ATK stat.

The real point of the gun comes when landing the final blow on an enemy. This unleashes Overcharge, an electric shockwave that deals damage to enemies within 3 meters. This quickly spirals into a pretty ridiculous add clear, and it’s well worth taking on missions for that alone.

Enduring Legacy

Enduring Legacy in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 28
    • Fire Rate: 571
    • Reload Time: 2.7 seconds
    • Craftsmanship: On hitting an enemy, increase Status effect Trigger Rate corresponding to the element (Fire/Chill/Electric/Toxic) and inflict the unique ability Quenching to the target. On hitting a Burned enemy, increase Firearm ATK and apply this buff to the attack.

Machine Guns in The First Descendant are great across the board. Enduring Legacy is no major exception to that rule, dealing competitive damage thanks to its high Fire Rate and ATK stat. The slow reload time is a bit of a pain when in high-density mob areas, but it’s a fair trade-off for the output.

The Craftsmanship perk turns this gun into an absolute beast if you’re running a Descendant that uses elemental damage in their abilities. Freyna is a solid choice, and proccing quenching only serves to make her more potent in most fights.

Albion Cavalry Gun

Albion Cavalry Gun in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 30
    • Fire Rate: 451
    • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Cavalry: After hitting a stunned enemy, increase Firearm ATK. Hitting a Critical Hit on a stunned enemy inflicts stun.

We recommended the Albion Cavalry Gun as our top choice for Ajax in most scenarios, but it’s also an A-Tier pick for many of the other Descendants in the game. Though it has a slower Fire Rate than many of the other Machine Guns in the game, it packs a hell of a punch.

The Cavalry’s unique ability is an amazing stacking buff that quickly causes damage to spiral out of control. It increases overall Firearm ATK on stunned enemies, which would be highly situational if the gun didn’t also cause stuns after a Critical Hit.

Blue Beetle

  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 62
    • Fire Rate: 199
    • Reload Time: 2 seconds
    • Arcane Wave: when using a Fusion skill, grants oneself the unique Arcane Energy with a set chance. Using a Singular skill grants the self the unique ability of Purification with a set chance.

The Blue Beetle is the best Scout Rifle in the game, serving as a perfect choice for those using Descendants with Singular and Fusion skills. The Arcane Wave Unique Ability grants buffs both when using either, and thankfully, they are also potent.

As a gun, it is easy to use with a reasonable Fire Rate and ATK stat. That said, if you are looking for a gun that carries on its own, then there are better choices in the tier above. If you’re instead trying to synergize weapons and abilities flawlessly, then this could be a nice part of that tapestry.

B-Tier Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant

King’s Guard Lance

King's Guard Lance in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 16
    • Fire Rate: 545
    • Reload Time: 2.1 seconds
    • Guardian: Aiming activates Preview Mode. When firing while aiming, deploys the unique ability Guardian Lance on the terrain, dealing constant damage to enemies and consuming a set amount of ammo upon deployment. Hitting Guardian Lance increases duration and range.

Arguably the coolest-looking weapon in the game, King’s Lance can unfortunately be found wanting on occasion. Its base ATK stat is fairly weak next to its immediate competition, though the solid Fire Rate is enough to keep DPS competitive.

The AoE effect of Guardian is undoubtedly fun to use, however it isn’t as obviously effective as Thunder Cage at clearing adds. The range and duration buff it provides is definitely enough to keep it in this tier but it needs upgrades to outgoing damage to prove truly effective.

Piercing Light

Piercing Light in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 404
    • Fire Rate: 48
    • Reload Time: 2.6 seconds
    • Purification of Light: On hitting a Weak Point, inflicts Dispel on the enemy with a set chance. When two or more enemies are hit by a single shot, there is a high chance to land a Critical Hit on the enemies while also increasing Critical Damage and applying this buff to the attack.

The first Sniper Rifle on the list is also the best all-rounder. As with all Snipers, it has a ridiculous base ATK stat that is enough to stop most enemies in their tracks. Unfortunately, it also suffers from many of the same issues as other weapons of this type.

The biggest problem is the lack of ammo availability for both Snipers and Shotguns. This can be a real pain in many activities, though Piercing Light would arguably be a justifiable pick against a boss with a very large health pool.

Wave of Light

Wave of Light in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 76
    • Fire Rate: 249
    • Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
    • Splendor: After reloading, it grants the unique ability of Solar Halo. On hitting an enemy while Solar Halo is active, inflict Lunar Halo on the target enemy with a set chance.

Scout Rifles are tough to advocate for in the meta, but Wave of Light is a good pick within that category. Its impressive base ATK stat is in line with most of its immediate peers, and it feels comfortable and easy to use overall.

The Solar/Lunar Halo combination has the potential to be mind-blowing, however the first half lets it down. Lunar Halo stops enemy regeneration by 50% on hit, which is brilliant, however the critical strike buff and lower recoil provided by Solar Halo isn’t holding its own in any meaningful way.

Afterglow Sword

Afterglow Sword in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 240
    • Fire Rate: 66
    • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Nightmare Reaper: on hitting an enemy’s weak point, inflicts unique ability Death Propagation. On hitting an enemy commander or Colossi, increase firearm critical hit rate and apply the effect to the attack.

The confusingly named Afterglow Sword is a Sniper Rifle that really needs to be in the right hands to prove effective. It’s entirely suited to fights against the game’s toughest bosses, so don’t bother including it in your arsenal unless you’re expecting that kind of fight.

If you are, it is actually a great choice if you can master how to use it properly. Death Propagation provides quicker reload and higher damage on weak spots, so if you can hit your shots, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that your outgoing DPS will also be significant.


  • Stats:
    • ATK: 20
    • Fire Rate: 150
    • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Fearlessness: On hitting the enemy with all bullets, increase the Firearm Critical Hit rate and Firearm Critical Hit Damage of this attack. Upon landing a Critical Hit on an enemy, grants the Firearm’s unique ability Amplification.

As the name may suggest, Smithereens is a Shotgun that is specifically designed to blow enemies away at close quarters. As with Executor earlier, this gun is best suited to those who can get close to enemies quickly and safely, with squishier, slower Descendants unlikely to be able to get within effective range easily.

It’s tough to recommend Smithereens as a weapon if you have Executor available to you. The Fearlessness perk is tough to proc, as missing a single bullet will stop it from doing so, though the base damage on offer is still reasonable enough that this is an okay choice in a pinch.

Restored Relic

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 230
    • Fire Rate: 60
    • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Ancient Technique: Fires a Guided Round with a set chance. On hitting an enemy with a Guided Round, inflicts Ancient Fire to the target enemy with a set chance.

The first thing to say about Restored Relic is that it can drop massive damage when all goes well. That said, Launchers have felt a little clunky overall in the early throes of the game, particularly when swarmed by a lot of enemies.

Ancient Technique is a great perk that inflicts and buffs Fire damage, so if you’re running Blair, then it has a much stronger argument for being taken. The Guided Round is bizarrely annoying until you really get the hang of it as well, so prepare for that.

C-Tier Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant

Sigvore’s Proof

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 4404
    • Fire Rate: 79
    • Reload Time: 2.8 seconds
    • Mad Bomber: Fires a Sticky Bomb when shooting while aiming. The Launched bomb will automatically detonate after a certain period of time. When aim is canceled, the attachment bombs will detonate at the same time. Sticky Bombs inflict Burn.

It feels like a shame to put Sigvore’s Proof in the bottom tier, but it really does feel as though all the stars have to align to get the most out of the weapon. The Mad Bomber perk is its defining characteristic, allowing players to fire multiple sticky bombs.

These can all be detonated simultaneously, if you’re efficient, for massive damage if triggered at the right time. Unfortunately, it feels weird using this in the meta over more consistent sources of damage. Sigvore’s Proof is the equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket, and if you mess up, it’s bordering on useless.

The Final Masterpiece

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 19
    • Fire Rate: 499
    • Reload Time: 1.1 seconds
    • Masterpiece: After reloading, grants one of three unique abilities at random. If the granted effect is the same as the existing effect, the effect stage is increased. If a different effect is granted, the effect stage is reset to Stage 1.

Without its Unique Ability, The Final Masterpiece is a competitive Handgun that feels like a much more traditional gun than many on this list. With its Unique Ability, it’s a bit of a clown show.

Though it will probably be the highlight of the day’s play if it pays off, the random nature of the Masterpiece perk basically means you can’t ever rely on its output. That lack of consistency is particularly jarring in a game of such fine margins.

Greg’s Reversed Fate

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 33
    • Fire Rate: 342
    • Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
    • Shaping Destiny: On hitting an enemy with a Max Shield, proc Bombardment on the enemy’s location with a set chance. Inflict Burn on enemies hit by Bombardment.

It might have the funniest name of any weapon on this list, but the gun itself is no laughing matter. This Tactical Rifle is a reliable workhorse, with a Burn proc that can be useful to have if you can get it to happen consistently.

The real drawback of Greg’s Reversed Fate is its handling, which is particularly poor when debuffed by the gun’s intrinsic effect. It is a decent way to open a boss engagement thanks to the Bombardment on Max Shield enemies, however there are still better options out there.

The Last Dagger

  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 24
    • Fire Rate: 600
    • Reload Time: 1.2 seconds
    • Ultimatum: Defeating an enemy grants Patience. On hitting an enemy while at Max Stacks, fires Enhanced Rounds. On hitting an enemy with Enhanced Rounds, the Patience effect is reset, and the enemy is stunned.

The Last Dagger is a highly ordinary gun that is elevated slightly by the Ultimatum Unique Ability that it comes with. After defeating an opponent, Ultimatum grants the Patience buff, which improves Critical Strike chance and Fire damage. Again, Blair would be the best beneficiary of this.

The baseline improvement this effect offers is fairly unremarkable, and it needs to be stacked significantly to get the most out of it. The additional stun is nice to have, but there are other guns that are more effective at doing this.

Fallen Hope

Fallen Hope in The Final Descendant
  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 27
    • Fire Rate: 600
    • Reload Time: 1.7 seconds
    • Perdition: On hitting a Poisoned enemy, increase Firearm ATK. On defeating a Poisoned enemy, the defeated enemy will trigger an Explosion with a certain chance, inflicting additional damage and Poison to nearby enemies.

The last gun on this list feels like it was designed entirely with Freyna in mind. Outside of those using her as a Descendant, it’s impossible to recommend. It’s unusually poor at add clear for an Assault Rifle and it doesn’t tear up any trees against bosses either.

The Poison effects provided by its Unique Ability are good, but outside of Freyna, there is no reason to take Fallen Hope along for the ride.

That’s the complete tier list of Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant. Make sure to check out the best way to get the game running on a Steam Deck, how to Fast Travel, and PC requirements. To stay in the loop on upcoming content in the game, we’ve got everything you need in our main hub.

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