12 best Beat Saber mods to download on PC in 2024

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The best Beat Saber mods allow you to upgrade your experience with new custom songs, as well as transform the sabers and arenas in special ways. Here are the best Beat Saber mods for you to download in 2024.

When the game first came out, most Beat Saber’s mods used to all be focused on music and adding custom tracks to the game. However, since then, the game has allowed players to do this legitimately, making most musical Beat Saber mods redundant in 2024.

Luckily though, the Beat Saber mod community has switched their attention to the Beat Sabers themselves, turning the lightsaber-inspired weapons into a range of other block-smashing implements. Here are 12 of our favorite Beat Saber mods you can download and try.


Beat Saber screenshot
Fancy turning your old Beat Sabers into something new?

How to install Beat Saber mods

To install mods in Beat Saber we’d recommend downloading a quality Mod Assistant application like this one.

  • Once downloaded you’ll be able to launch the ModAssistant.exe file which will automatically connect to your Beat Saber game. If it doesn’t, then follow the steps to locate it manually.
  • After you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, click the Mods button to get started.
  • Now run Beat Saber normally to ensure that the application has connected to the game. You’ll need to do this at least once before you can use mods.
  • Now go back to the ‘Mods’ menu. You’ll notice each of the mods is listed and selectable. All you need to do now is to tick the box of the ones you like and click ‘install’.

Now enjoy Beat Saber with all it’s weird and wonderful mods!

Are Beat Saber mods available on console?

Currently, only the PC version of Beat Saber has access to mods. While the game is available on consoles, these versions are not compatible with any mods.

We think mods are unlikely to ever come to console, except in rare cases like Skyrim. However, with custom tracks, mods may not be required on console versions of Beat Saber anyway.

Best Beat Saber mods

Here are some of the best Beat Saber mods you can install and try:

Halo Energy Swords

If kitchen knives aren’t your thing, then how about slashing some beats with a Covenant energy sword from the Halo series? Imagine you’re Master Chief and The Arbiter on their downtime.

Beat Saber energy
The Covenant Energy Sword is ideal for Halo fans.

Leek Saber

While Veganuary may be over, you can still turn your Beat Sabers into leaks. The Pokemon Farfetch’d would be proud.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade

This mod turns your Beat Sabers into the Keyblade from Final Fantasy / Disney mashup Kingdom Hearts.

Zelda Master Sword

There are few swords in gaming as iconic as the Hylian Master Sword. You can turn your Beat Sabers into that and the shield with this mod.

Zelda Master sword
You can turn the Beat Saber into the Master Sword from Zelda.

WoW Ashbringer

Bring the legendary Ashbringer of Azaroth to Beat Saber with this World of Warcraft-themed mod.

Lance of Longinus

The Lance of Longinus is not to be confused with its Biblical counterpart, but this version is straight out of Evangelion. It’s as effective at slashing blocks as it is at its enemies!

Overwatch Genji’s Dragonblade

Overwatch fans are also catered for by Beat Saber mods. You can now turn your sabers into the iconic Dragonblade. Chopping blocks with a full-length katana really changes the gameplay – it’s also incredibly satisfying.

Genji blade beat saber
Overwatch Genji’s Dragonblade in Beat Saber.

The Pappenheimer Rapier

This mod is one for history buffs and turns your Beat Saber into a real-life weapon instead of something from another games franchise. The Pappenheimer Rapier was a real sword wielded by Count Pappenheimer of German in the Thirty Years War. It now lives on in Beat Saber.

High-Frequency Blade

This one’s a blast from the past, but who doesn’t want to chop blocks with a futuristic samurai sword? The High-Frequency Blade mod lets players wield Raiden’s sword from Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising Revengence.

Minecraft Swords

It takes a block to smash a block. This mod turns your Beat Saber into a pixelated sword from Minecraft.

minecraft sword beat saber
Minecraft swords in Beat Saber – Blocks vs Blocks!

The Mandalorian Darksaber

Everyone knows Beat Sabers are based on Light Sabers from Star Wars, but this mod lets you actually wield a Light Saber from a Star Wars show. The series in question is the Mandalorian and the blade is the Dark Saber as forged by Jedi Tarre Vizsla.

Kitchen Knife

Want to channel your inner musical Michael Myers? Then turn your Beat Saber into a kitchen knife! Who knows, this mod may make you better at playing 7 Days to Die.

So there you have it – the best Beat Saber mods you can download in 2024.

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