How to make money fast in The Sims 4: Get rich guide

Published: 14/Apr/2020 4:06

by David Purcell


The Sims 4 might be a game of creating insane custom houses for a lot of players, but getting enough funds to go wild is the ultimate test. Here’s our get rich fast guide, with some top tips on how to get stacks of money. 

Walking around with stacks, or a bag of cash, like the creepy dude in the image above might be the dream for many in the Sims community. However, getting to that point requires a number of steps – especially if you want to build yourself up without cheats.

So, in this guide we’re going to look at a handful of routes that you can take in The Sims 4 to build up your worth. After all, having spending power will open many doors in the EA published game.

Get rich guide for The Sims 4

Getting a job

While this may seem like the most obvious pick, it does get the ball rolling in terms of picking up cash.

There are a number of different jobs that your Sim can land, all of which are listed below. These base careers will give you a starting point and the more you develop in the role, the more skills your character will acquire. As you would expect, these skills and extra equipment that are unlocked using Career are worth money. Over time, your worth will continue increasing.

The maximum takings for each job, per day or per hour, can also be seen below.

Every career path in The Sims 4 can help in terms of building up cash, but some are more lucrative than others.

All career paths in The Sims 4

  • Actor Career ($9800+ per day)
  • Astronaut Career ($3700+ per day)
  • Athlete Career ($3000+ per day)
  • Babysitter Job ($48+ per hour)
  • Barista Job ($25+ per hour)
  • Business Career ($3200+ per day)
  • Criminal Career ($3200+ per day)
  • Critic Career ($2200+ per day)
  • Culinary Career ($2400+ per day)
  • Detective Career ($2100+ per day)
  • Doctor Career ($2800+ per day)
  • Entertainer Career ($2800+ per day)
  • Fast Food Employee Job ($16+ per hour)
  • Gardener Career ($2900+ per day)
  • Manual Laborer Job ($70+ per hour)
  • Military Career ($3300+ per day)
  • Painter Career ($2400+ per day)
  • Politician Career ($2300+ per day, excluding donations)
  • Retail Employee Job ($45+ per hour)
  • Scientist Career ($2200+ per day)
  • Secret Agent Career ($4200+ per day)
  • Social Media ($3100+ per day)
  • Style Influencer ($3000+ per day)
  • Tech Guru Career ($2500+ per day)
  • Writer Career ($2700+ per day, excluding further earnings for popular books)

Start your own business!

There are a handful of different businesses that Sims can try opening, each of which have their own startup costs and potential rewards. One of the real benefits, too, is that if you ever want to switch from one industry to another, there’s always the option to cash-in and sell your existing business.

You could start up in the restaurant business, retail, or even kickstart your career as a veterinarian – running your own clinic and helping animals out with different issues they face. This one is particularly difficult to turn a profit on, though, so let’s take a look – as a general example – of how to make it in retail.

The Sims 4’s Get to Work Expansion Pack allows players to start up their own company.

How to start a retail business in The Sims 4

Now, kicking things off might seem easy, but miss a few crucial steps along the way and there’s only one place your company is going – under.

The main tip we can give you, really, is to keep on top of the daily aspects of running a store. Setup guidelines can be found below, but making a business successful will take time, so don’t be too impatient. Building up a strategy that works for you and the customers, needs to be developed.

  1. Purchase an empty lot in The Sims 4, which usually set you back around $3,000 in-game. To put that into perspective, that’s around a daily wage of a top-tier athlete Sim.
  2. Using the Manage Worlds, click your lot, hit ‘Change Lot Type’ and select Retail. This will register the land as a place of business.
  3. Then, invest money into the business. It doesn’t have to be a lot, because this is basically just a company bank account that you can take from – or add to – freely. This amount will cover the cost of the day-to-day running of the store.
  4. Use the Store Window tool to manage your staff, pick price points, view finances, and make purchases. For prices, there are five different levels, with profits ranging from sale value (5%) to exorbitant (100%) – so see what works best for you. This will decide if you’re a premium store or not.
  5. Use the Retail Items tool to design your business lot.
  6. Pick a wide variety of products to sell (the more, the better), and make sure they’re set as “For Sale”.
  7. Make sure your products are constantly being restocked and watch the profits roll in.

Other ways of making money in The Sims 4

Aside from jobs and businesses, there are some other activities that can also put food on the table for your family. If you’re doing these alongside a job too, it will boost your earnings even more.

Esports might be a real money maker for players nowadays, but sadly the prize pools aren’t as high in The Sims 4.

These can include Active Careers, Fishing, Comedy, Programming, playing musical instruments, video gaming, painting, writing, gardening, and collecting. Each of these can be accessed in-game and all have their positives, as well as their negatives.

For example, it will take a musician a long time to produce a successful song, while gamers can win prizes for taking part in tournaments. It’s really a matter of what you would like your Sim to do in their spare time to rack up extra cash.

So, there you have it! That’s our making money guide for The Sims 4, with a variety of ways you can jump into the game and rack up the cash.

The obvious track would be to start out in a career, earn on the side of the day job, and then invest in different businesses. You never know, soon enough you could have your own money-making empire to fund your next huge house purchase. Good luck.


Blizzard changes Overwatch Priority Pass again to stop system abuse

Published: 16/Jan/2021 2:04

by Andrew Amos


Blizzard has implemented more changes to their Overwatch Priority Pass program to stop players from abusing the system to get their preferred role more often.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch has been a successful addition so far. Giving players the option to jump the queue for high-traffic roles by sacrificing a few games has helped tackle the game’s long queue times.

However, it hasn’t been without its flaws. Game quality has been pulled into question, with people playing off-role for these passes. Also, people have been abusing the current system to just stack passes quickly by intentionally losing.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Priority Passes have been a hit with Overwatch players, but it’s not perfect.

Blizzard are looking to crack down on the latter issue with their latest changes to Priority Pass on January 15.

“Our data indicates that the Priority Pass is functioning as intended, generally providing shorter queue times for those who use them. The goal of the Priority Pass is to improve player experience and get players into matches quicker,” community manager Josh Nash told players.

“In the same vein, we don’t want this feature to have a negative impact on the quality of matches for yourself or others. We want to do our part to discourage players from intentionally losing and ruining matches for the sake of earning priority passes.”

If you lose a match while playing for passes, you’ll only gain one pass instead of two. This will stop players from just inting their games for the ticket.

Blizzard are also refunding passes to players if they queued up for a role using Priority Pass, but then had to wait longer than the estimated time for it.

Oni Genji Overwatch skin
These changes mean you won’t burn through your passes as quickly.

These changes are active immediately, so you can make use of them straight away. Blizzard are continuing to tweak the system as time goes on, and are “ looking into how we can better communicate when you are rewarded passes after playing a match.”