10 Best Blade & Sorcery mods to download

blade & sorcery modsWarpFrog

Blade & Sorcery mods help players tailor their medieval simulation to their liking. Here are the 10 best Blade & Sorcery mods you can download.

Blade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy game from WarpFrog and is designed to be played fully in VR. This makes it much more immersive than many other fantasy RPGs, as the player gets to live out their dream of being a knight or a wizard in new ways thanks to the VR aspect. Blade & Sorcery mods can make the simulation take a surreal turn, but they can also spice up the gameplay and make it fun in new ways.

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Of course, some mods have been designed by the Blade & Sorcery community to make the game even more realistic and exciting in VR. Although other mods have mashed the experience up with other games to create something truly bizarre. See below for the 10 best mods in Blade & Sorcery.


blade & sorcery modsWarpFrog
Blade & Sorcery is played fully in VR.

How to install Blade & Sorcery mods

Players can download Blade & Sorcery mods from Nexusmods.com/Blade & Sorcery. Once you’ve chose the mods you want, follow the below instructions:

  • Download the mod you want and extract the files to computer.
  • Now go to your Blade & Sorcery files (usually located under User>Files>Blade&Sorcery.
  • In theBlade & Sorcery file, go to BladeAndSorcery_Data>StreamingAssets>Mods.
  • Drag the extracted download files into this folder.
  • Now just drag the Mod Files into this folder.
  • Boot up the game and go to Settings and select ‘Mods’
  • Now activate mods in this menu.

You should now be able to use the mods you downloaded when you start the game.

Are Blade & Sorcery mods available on console?

Currently, Blade and Sorcery is only available on PC, meaning mods are also not possible elsewhere.

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While the game may come to consoles in the future, we feel like mods would be an unlikely addition to those versions. This is mainly because mods only ever tend to release on PC, expect in some rare cases.

Combat in Blade and Sorcery can be addictive in VR!

Blade & Sorcery mods

Here are the 10 best Blade & Sorcery mods you can download on PC:

Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

The combat in Blade & Sorcery is already rather good, but this mod from Slugga17 makes it much more immersive. The mod helps combat feel more nuanced and realistic, although, it can make the game slightly harder.

However, though looking to take some of the wackiness out of the game’s combat will love this mod. It essentially turns Blade & Sorcery into a more hard-hitting medieval combat simulator.

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Iron Man Gauntlets

There are multiple VR experiences that let you play as or emulate the powers of Iron Man, but getting to do so in a Blade & Sorcery mod made it extra fun.

Not only can you fly around, you can shoot enemies with energy blasts from way above them. You’ll need to bring your own wise-cracks though. Thanks to JohnnyJohnnyBS for this mod.

Blade & sorcery modsWarpFrog
Blasters and rocket boots really give you an advantage against swords and shields.


“Those who are deemed worthy will possess the power of Thor.” Or, you can just download this Blade & Sorcery mod from Awonya instead.

This one lets you wield a replica of Thors hammer Mjolnir, just in case Iron Man wasn’t your favorite Avenger. Not only does it do massive damage as you’d expect, it comes back to your hand, no matter how far you throw it.

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Sharp AI

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin and gives enemies and NPCs more agency. They’ll be much more likely to fight you tactically and will get wise to your tricks.

The mod adds over 1800 more lines of code to the AI, so get ready to see them act in ways you’ve never seen before. Huge thank you to modder Siilk for this one.

Energy Blade

This is a must-have for any Halo fan, letting you slice your enemies like the Arbiter using this classic Covenant sword. Being able to do this in VR for the first time is especially cool.

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The credit for letting us live out this fantasy goes to SyfeFireshard, at ease Spartan.

blade & sorcery modsWarpFrog
Want to play as Master Chief in Blade & Sorcery?

Easier Dismemberment

This one sounds a little grim, and in fairness it is, but it’s still fun to do. Dismemberment is an important part of Blade & Sorcery’s gameplay, but you’ll need to time your strikes right to do it.

It’s easy with practice, but this mod will make limbs and heads fly all over the place in Blade & Sorcery. Thanks to creator Kinetic for this gross mod.

Mine and Sorcery

Minecraft mods feel inevitable in PC games these days and Blade & Sorcery is no different. Although it works surprisingly well.

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This mod, from SuperMassimo, provides you with Minecraft themed tools, weapons, and powers, letting you create your own little blocky universe within a different universe.

The Outer Rim

The Outer Rim is Star Wars mod that lets you use a variety of lightsabers and other weapons from the mind of George Lucas. It’s not the only Star Wars mod in Blade & Socery, but it’s by far the best. All credit goes to creator Kingo64.

This mod also lets you play in Star Wars themed battlegrounds like Naboo and Tatooine. We’re slightly disappointed there’s no womp rats though.

blade & sorcery modsWarpFrog
Lightsaber mods are always a welcome sight.

Bloodborne Trick Weapons

Bloodborne is perhaps the most unlikely Souls game to have a Blade & Sorcery mod. In truth, Elden Ring, Dark, and Demon’s Souls seem to suit the setting more, but then again – remember how cool trick weapons were?

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Not only do these weapons look just like they did in Bloodborne, they also work the same too. That includes their ‘trick’ which lets each weapon morph into something completely different. Therefore, if you want yet another game where you can wield the Moonlight Greatsword, this mod will be perfect.

Bickle’s Skyrim Weapons

If you’re a fan of the weapons from the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim in particular, then this with be the perfect mod. The mashup of Skyrim and Blade & Sorcery feels quite natural and playing as the Dragonborn, with access to their entire arsenal is awesome for fans of both games.

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Bickle really delivered the goods with this mod. Time to dust off the Daedric Blades!

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