Best Halo MCC mods to download and try

Halo MCC title card343 Industries

Those wanting to experience some classic Halo, but with a twist, should check out our list of the best Halo MCC mods.

To many, Halo represents near perfection when it comes to sci-fi shooters, but some members of the modding community have tried their best to improve it. Many of the mods below make subtle changes to the classic Halo formula, while others rewrite it completely.

We’ve gathered a selection of mods that we feel enhance the player’s experience when playing Halo The Master Chief Collection on PC. Some of these mods apply to every Halo game in the set, while some are just designed for one title.

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Halo reach title343 Industries
Halo Reach is a fan favorite due to its hard-hitting story.

Halo Reach campaign in third person

If you’ve ever wanted to make Halo Reach more like Gears of War, now you can. Of course, Halo’s identity as an FPS is an important part of the series’ DNA, but it works surprisingly well in the third person.

The Halo Reach Third Person Mod (by Xayth) offers players the chance to experience the Reach campaign in a totally new way. The game’s ending still plays out in first-person though, which might be a small mercy.

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Ray tracing mod

The Universal RTX mod (By ultracasio) brings ray-tracing effects to every Halo game in the MCC. The mod allows players to reshade each title using the presets of Gameplay, Performance, Cinematic, and Macabre.

Naturally, some of these mods focus on changing the resolution while others take advantage of a high frame rate. The changes to lighting and other effects help give each title a fresh lick of paint.

Halo Reach: Evolved

The Halo Reach Evolved mod (By TheVengefulVadam), started out on the Xbox 360 before moving over to PC. The purpose of this mod is to mix up the gameplay of Halo Reach and add balance.

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After installing the mod, every weapon has a purpose and is advantageous in some situations. It allows for more tactical gameplay and gives formally redundant items the chance to shine in new ways.

Master Chief ready for a mission343 Industries
Master Chief prepares for his next mission.

Firefight Overkill

The Overkill – Installation 04 mod (By ReteroX) makes changes to Halo Reach’s Firefight mode, giving it aspects of an arena shooter. The gameplay becomes more fast-paced and frantic but without losing that Halo feel.

Players looking for a new challenge or who enjoy games like Doom will enjoy this mode, although Halo purists may find it strange.

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Halo Reach: Infinite

This mod gives Halo Reach an overhaul to make it feel more like the upcoming Halo Infinite, although the mod also feels a lot like Halo Reach in the Halo 5 engine.

If you’ve ever thought Halo Reach deserved a remake on current-gen, then the Fall of Reach Infinite mod (By VigilantPhantom) will be for you.

Halo 3 zombies

This mod is essentially Call of Duty Zombies but with Halo 3’s Sierra 117 mission and replaces zombies with Flood enemies. It also works incredibly well.

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The Halo 3 – Zombies mod (By Crisp) uses the Call of Duty’s Zombies formula as a template, but transfers Halo 3’s assets on top of it to create a new experience. It’s also one we wish 343 would make themselves in Halo Infinite.

Classic Halo menus

This mod’s full title is 4K 60fps Classic Halo Menus and New Intro (By CozmicDoctor). It essentially replaces the Halo MCC’s menus with the classic versions from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

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The difference is the intros, menus, etc, have all been remastered in 4K and run at a steady 60fps. It’s totally unnecessary, but it’s a lovely little nostalgia kick for long-time fans.

Halo Infinite343 Industries
Halo Infinite will be the next chapter in the saga.

Halo 3 story campaign with multiplayer avatars and cosmetics

This mod is Halo 3’s campaign but with multiplayer characters and skins (By Gold Team). If you’re bored of playing as Master Chief, then this mod allows you to play as your multiplayer avatar, complete with all skins and cosmetics.

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It’s great for those who want to bring that multiplayer feel to Halo 3’s campaign or are especially attached to their online character. The changes are purely cosmetic, but they still manage to enhance and personalize Halo 3’s campaign. Your avatar even appears in cut-scenes too, which is neat.

Halo campaigns remixed

This next mod is actually a collection of six that come from Nexus Mods Ruby of Blue. These remix the single-player campaigns of each of the Halo games in the MCC, balancing them around Legendary difficulty.

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Those who want to play through each Halo game again on the hardest setting, but with some surprises in store will enjoy these mods the most.

All cosmetics unlocked

The Unlock All Cosmetics mod (By LordPinecone1) does exactly what it says on the label. It unlocks every cosmetic item across every Halo game in the Halo MCC.

The caveat is the items can only be used in solo play and not in matchmade multiplayer. It’s frustrating that each item can’t be taken online, but it’s still a great way to see how each item looks before you grind for it.

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