Best 24 Conan Exiles mods to download in 2023

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Mods are a fun way to tailor your experience in Conan Exiles and change the game to match your preferences. You can even use mods to make the game easier or ramp up the challenge. Here are the best Conan Exiles mods you can download and try in 2023.

Conan Exiles is a game that takes a lot of time to master and many of its systems and rules may seem restrictive to some players. Mods are an excellent way to make adjustments to the game, giving players the ability to make it suit their playstyle.

The game is a sprawling open-world RPG set in the Conan the Barbarian universe, and largely follows old-school RPG rules that may put off newer players. However, these Conan Exiles mods allow every player to make the gameplay and systems in the game more palatable to them.

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There are a lot of Conan Exiles mods, but we’ve selected the best and most useful ones for players to try. We’ve split the Conan Exiles mods into three categories, character, customization, and gameplay mods. This way players can decide which mods they like the look of to improve their experience.


Conan exiles artworkFuncom
Conan Exiles mods can really enhance the experience.

How to install Conan Exiles mods

You can add mods to Conan Exiles by using the Steam Workshop. To get started, download the mods you want to use from the links below. To install multiple mods at once, at them to your Steam Workshop Collection. From here, follow the below instructions:

  • Open your game panel in Steam and select the Steam Workshop
  • In the new window, search for the mod you want and select the green Install
  • The installation process should now begin. Once completed, return to the Steam Workshop
  • Restart the application and when you log back in, the mods should now be added to Conan Exiles.

If you’re playing an older version of Conan Exiles and not through Stream, then follow this information here to install mods.

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How to enable Conan Exiles mods

Enabling mods in Conan Exiles is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the game’s main menu and scroll down to about halfway.
  • Select the Mods option
  • This will bring up a menu that shows all the installed mods you currently have.
  • Select the arrow button on each mod to place that mod into the Active Mods list.
  • Click apply changes and close the menu.

Congratulations, your Conan Exiles mods will now be live and ready for you to enjoy.

Are Conan Exiles mods available on console?

Currently, only the PC versions of Conan Exiles have access to mods. While the game is available on Xbox One and PS4, these versions are not compatible with the mods below.

Conan exiles combatFuncom
Combat is fun in Conan Exiles, but mods can improve it further.

Conan Exiles character mods

The below mods are designed to tailor the player character, either cosmetically or by adjusting their skills and abilities:

Elite Conan

The Elite Conan mod doubles the level cap, letting players reach level 100 and become a god among insects. While some players will find they become a little overpowered, this is a fun mod for those who want to experience Conan Exiles without limitations and become the Conan of legend.

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Infinite weight

This mod stops your character from becoming over-encumbered and allows you to carry as much as you want. This is incredibly helpful as it allows you to carry all your favorite gear and cosmetics anywhere you like. It’s most useful to players who love building things, as they can carry all their supplies everywhere they go without needing to deposit them anywhere. If carry weight is something that annoys or weighs you down, get rid of it for good with this mod.


This mod does exactly what it suggests, it helps players pick up more items. But the main draw is that it allows players to pick up items they’ve spent or already used. For example, used all your bricks to build a house? This mod lets you pick these items back up and unbuild that house. The base game will let players unbuild, but their resources will be spent regardless. This turns the player into recycling royalty.

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25 more Levels + 325 more Attribute points + 333 more Feats

This mod raises the level cap in Conan Exiles from 50 to 75. Not only that, but the mod also offers exactly what it says in the title, giving you the freedom to spend your 325 more attribute points and 333 more Feats as you wish. It essentially lets you build an end-game character from the very start without any of the grinding normally involved.

Immersive Animations

This mod adds a range of new animations to the game to make it more lifelike. NPCs and players will incorporate these animations into their move set in a natural way which makes the game feel more realistic and immersive. Players can decide which animations they want to add and which ones they can live without, but it’s a great way to bring fresh life to an aging game.

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This mod allows players to climb anything they want without using stamina. While stamina is still depleted when running and fighting, it’s no longer used in climbing. There’s nothing more annoying in Conan Exiles than running out of stamina while climbing up something large. This eliminates that worry, letting players climb to their heart’s content.


While the blood and gore adds to the Conan Exiles experience, such things aren’t for every player. This mod essentially offers a more PG13 experience and removes blood from the game. However, it replaces it with sweat and it works rather well, although it turns all NPCs and player characters into incredibly sweaty people, which is even grosser if you think about it.

Conan Exiles gameplayFuncom
Conan Exiles gameplay can be tailored to players liking with mods

Building, items, and customization mods

The below mods are for those who want to make changes to the game’s building and crafting mechanics. We’ve also added mods that change items and how the player uses them here too:


This popular mod is for those who love building in Conan Exiles and don’t want to be restricted by the limitations of the base game. The Pythagoras mod allows players to adjust the dimensions of their builds, creating more elaborate structures by using corners and slopes. This mod is brilliant when used alongside the other building mods.


ReCustomize is really a character mod, but it’s one that lets you change your character’s appearance after the initial creation options. No longer is your character stuck with that awful beard you originally liked and have now grown to hate.

The ReCustomize mod means you can alter your character’s appearance any time you like, and are never bound to one look or set of features.

Craft all the things

This mod eliminates the need to unlock or find crafting recipes and opens all of them from the moment it’s installed. Players will need to find the materials themselves, but the Craft all the things mod lets you plan your build and cosmetics from the start. Once you have the items you need, you can build the item from the recipe.

Increased item stack

The increased item stack mod works very well with the above Craft all the things mod because this one actually gives you the materials you need to craft anything and everything. Conan Exiles vanilla mode limits the items you can hold to 100, but this mod eliminates this, letting you stack up to 1000 items. Trust us, this will be plenty.

Beyond Limits

The Beyond Limits mod offers more customizable character tools that go far beyond what the devs originally planned. This mod allows players to morph their character in freakish and bizarre ways if they wish. They can turn their avatar into a hulking giant, or a Gollum-like creature. The mod pushes the character customization beyond where it’s meant to go, letting players get as creative as they want.

Building Unlimited

This mod allows players to build massive and amazing structures without any limits. What may normally take many hours of farming and resource building is ready to be used.  Players can be as creative as they want, and this mod allows building without any restrictions. The only limit is your imagination!

Teleport Stone

The Teleport Stone mod adds a fast travel system to the game not unlike the one that appeared in Dragon’s Dogma. Teleport Stones can be farmed and used to travel instantly to specific locations.

This means players no longer need to die to warp back to their settlements or trudge across dangerous terrain. The main advantage of this mod is the time it saves players traversing the map.

Unlimited Durability

This mod essentially makes weapons and armor indestructible, without ever needing to be repaired or unequipped. While durability is a fun RPG element to some, it’s an annoyance to others. The Unlimited Durability mod means that players no longer need to worry about their items degrading mid-combat. It turns off this element of the game, giving players one less thing to worry about.

Hide Helmet

Players who spent time getting their avatar’s face and hair perfect will appreciate this mod. It allows them to walk around without a helmet, but still feel the benefit of one. Players can still have a helmet equipped, and enjoy the protection and buffs it provides, but won’t have to cover their beautiful faces or extravagant hairstyles. Basically, it makes your helmet invisible.

Conan Exiles combatFuncom
Conan Exiles mods help players make the most of its impressive open world.

Conan Exiles gameplay mods

The following mods make changes to the overall gameplay rather than the character, items, or building options:

Offline mode

Offline mode turns Conan Exiles into a solo experience for as long as you want it to be. This lets players explore the world alone without interference from other players and get on with questing and building. Some players prefer going solo and this mod is an excellent way to turn Conan Exiles into your own personal playground. It also removes all the log-ins and server menus, letting you jump straight into the action.

Map marks and coordinates

The map marks and coordinates mod unlock all markers and waypoints from the moment it’s installed. This means players can pursue all questlines and paths from the start and no longer need to consult the manual map.

The mod also provides coordinates so that players can see how far they are from each marker at any time. While the mod may not suit exploration purists, those looking for a streamlined experience will find it helpful.

Pippi user & server management

The Pippi user and server management tool is a mod for server admins and hosts, letting them change the game’s usual restrictions. Admins can change the game to let in more players, map systems, chat options, rules and so much more. It essentially lets hosts tailor the game to their liking rather than sticking to the standard server rules in the base game.

Boss HP lowered (single player only)

Most of the epic boss battles in Conan Exiles are geared around multiplayer, where a squad of players work together to tackle one large enemy. This mod reduces the HP of each of these bosses so that a solo player can tackle them one-on-one. It changes the dynamic drastically, turning boss encounters less like something from Monster Hunter and more like something from Bloodborne. However, it’s only worth using in single-player mode, otherwise, it will make bosses too easy.

UI Evolved

The UI Evolved offers a refreshed and remixed version of the game’s usual interface. It offers a cleaner and more polished version with some customizable options to suit each player. This also impacts how the map is displayed and how other notifications appear on the screen. It’s not for everyone, but some players will prefer it.

Enhanced combat

The enhanced combat mod refines the game’s fighting system, switching it from hack and slash to a more tactical and nuanced approach. Think less Skyrim, and more Dark Souls. The mod lets players take part in duels rather than mindless butchery, providing a target-tracking system that works incredibly well. Players who want their PvP to have more style and skill will love this mod.

NPC traders

The NPC traders mod is quite simple, but it makes a real difference. This mod takes traders from settlements and sprinkles them across the wilderness and roads.

It means you’re likely to run into one sooner or later, reducing the number of trips you need to take to town. It’s a helpful way to not interrupt gameplay and you’ll soon learn where your favorite traders hang out.


This mod creates a more realistic environment and lets wildlife act in a more natural and realistic way. No longer will predators only attack the player on sight, mindlessly stalking around until they spot you. This mod lets predators stalk other NPCs, enemies, and animals as prey, creating a much more fun, unpredictable and vibrant world.

So, there you have it, the best Conan Exiles mods you can download in 2023.

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