Best Raft mods to download: Voice chat, storage, more

raft modsRedbeet Interactive

Open-world survival games such as Raft are a great way to test your wits against some of the menacing forces that the game has to offer. But, if you’re looking to improve your time in Raft, there are some mods that’ll go a long way.

Raft was one of the surprise releases that stormed its way into the survival genre of games in the last couple of years, as it pits you against some opposing forces while making sure your raft stays afloat in the open water.

But, throughout the game you may notice there’s a lack of features that one may assume are already present, and this is where Raft’s mods come in handy.

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We’re going to run over some of the best ones you should download and why they’ll improve your game.


best raft mods to useRedbeet Interactive
Raft will have you putting on your thinking hat when it comes to base building.

Top 5 Raft mods to download

Mods are rather common in sandbox games such as Raft, as other titles such as Minecraft and Terraria offer some mods that’ll improve on certain aspects players think should be within the game.

Some of these mods are going to add quality of life improvements, and others are just going to add some features you’ll use every time you load into the game.

One of the trickier aspects of finding mods is discovering the best ones out of a massive catalog. But, we’ve done the hard work for you, and have collected some of the best ones for Raft and where you’ll be able to download them.

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Increased Storage

raft storage Redbeet Interactive
Finding a place for all your items in Raft can be a task without certain mods.


As the name suggests, this mod simply adds more options for players to store their items. This increases the number of items you’ll be able to have within your base, so you won’t be stuck deciding which ones to throw away.


Raft minimap Redbeet Interactive
The mini-map mod will be beneficial for players looking to see where they are at all times.


Another quality of life change that’ll go a long way is the mini-map mod, as it’ll notify players of the type of area that they’re around. As well, it can be great for seeing if there’s any upcoming enemies you need to be aware of.

Voice Chat

raft voice chat modRedbeet Interactive
Talking to players in-game is something we all want to experience with the voice chat mod.


While Raft doesn’t have any proximity chat enabled when you initially load up the game, this mod will allow you to talk to all players within a nearby radius. You’ll be able to talk to all of your friends, but be warned if you aren’t close enough, you won’t be able to hear each other.

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Building Utilities

Building UtilitiesRedbeet Interactive
Players have dubbed the Building Utilities mod as an essential for Raft.


This mod is unquestionably one of the best that Raft has to offer, as it allows players to construct certain objects in ways the game usually restricts you in doing so. You’ll be able to take control of certain building restrictions that the game has enabled at first glance, so it’ll be great for building structures.

Garbage Sucker

garbage suckerRedbeet Interactive
The Garbage Sucker is great for cleaning up your base.


Last but not least, the Garbage Sucker mod is essentially an automatic trash disposal unit that’ll make taking care of all the garbage within your raft a lot easier.

So those are the top five mods we recommend downloading for Raft, and these are all bound to make your experience within the game a lot better!

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