10 Best Elden Ring mods for PC

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Some Elden Ring mods really shake up the experience in the Lands Between. Here’s the 10 best Elden Ring mods you can download on PC.

With so much to do and see in Elden Ring, mods can be a very helpful way of cutting out some of the work and streamlining your playthrough. While we’d encourage all new players to play their first journey through Elden Ring without mods for the full experience, there’s certainly no harm in experimentation in subsequent playthroughs.

Want to try another build without sinking in another 100 hours of your time? Or would you like to make the game easier and live out a power fantasy as Elden Lord? Some may even want to make the game more of a challenge. There’s an Elden Ring mod for almost every playstyle, and here’s the 10 we’d recommend you download on PC.

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Elden ring modsFrom Software
Elden Ring mods can really change your adventure in The Lands Between.

How to install Elden Ring mods

You can download and install mods in Elden Ring by using Nexus Mods. Simply visit the site, sign up and download the Vortex, mod manager.

Now now you’ll be able to browse Nexus Mods for any Elden Ring mods that take your fancy and download them at your leisure. You can manage which mods are active through Votex, activating and deactivating them as you see fit.

Are Elden Ring mods available on console?

Currently, only the PC version of Elden Ring has access to mods. While the game is available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, these versions are not compatible with the mods below.

Elden Ring modsFrom Software
Mods in Elden Ring can make you seriously OP.

Best Elden Ring mods

The following 10 Elden Ring mods can improve your experience. However, be warned, some may also limit it, depending on your point of view about Souls games and their difficulty:

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Pause the game

This does exactly what it says on the tin and offers a quick and easy way to pause the game. While the vanilla Elden Ring game can actually be paused without it, this mod makes it a simple click of a key. It certainly helpful for those playing the game solo in need of a breather. Remember though, even with this mod, you still can’t pause the game in multiplayer.

Elden ReShade HDR FX

While Elden Ring looks fantastic on most PCs and consoles, visual fidelity perfectionists will likely find things to quibble over. We honestly get it, there are some parts of Elden Ring that do feel slightly last gen. The good news is, this mod can smooth over those rough edges. So, if you have a seriously good graphics card on your PC, this mod is a must.

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Ultra-wide support

Elden Ring works pretty well on most monitor set ups, but if you’ve got an ultra-wide set up and can’t get the game to fit without stretching, give this mod a try. It should make Elden Ring adjustable to your rig settings without losing any quality.

Easy mode

This is going to be a controversial one, but the mod exists and can be downloaded. This essentially makes the player OP and nerfs enemy damage. While this mod will raise questions about the point of even playing Elden Ring if you want to play it on easy, we imagine lots of people will still be downloading it.

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All endings

This mod essentially completes all the steps in the NPC questlines to make sure all endings are possible. Once you defeat the final boss, you’ll simply be able to select which ending you want when you approach the Elden Ring. It includes the standard Elden Lord ending, as well as Dung Eater, Fia, and Goldmask’s variants.

You can also select the more radical endings, such as Ranni’s or the Lord of Frenzied Flame without needing to complete their respective quests.

Elden Ring modsFrom Software
Mods are perfect for NG+.

Grand merchant

This mod removes the need to travel to merchant locations and buy their cookbooks. Instead, all items will be unlocked in the crafting menu. It also means you don’t have to murder all the merchants and give their bell bearings to the Twin Maiden Husks.

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Extended field of view

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been killed in Elden Ring multiple times because of your camera when getting wedged into scenery by a boss or multiple enemies.

It’s a tough thing for FromSoftware to patch out without changing the game entirely, but this mod extends your field of view to make it less likely. It’s useful in certain fights, but you’ll need to be able to live with it while you play.

The Dream Mod

Like the title suggests, this is the ultimate mod and makes life in The Lands Between feel like an OP dream. It essentially lets you tinker with everything and set it to your liking.

You can change your stats, the number of items or materials you have, weapon stats, drop rates, and so on. You can even add crazy things like super speed, teleportation, and other super powers. This isn’t just easy mode, it’s God mode.

All in one save file

This mod is a save file where everything has been completed in Elden Ring. You’ll have every item, armor set, and weapon and all the stat points to spend on your build. Every area will be unlocked and every boss will be dead. You may wonder what the point of such a mod is? The answer is New Game Plus. You can now head into that with any build you choose.

Quality of life improvements

Of course, FromSoftware are hard at work patching Elden Ring and making sure the game is up to date, but this mod means you don’t need to wait. It’s essentially a collection of patches released already and before From get around to it themselves.

We imagine they will in time, but by then, this mod will already have evolved into taking care of other issues, or simply making more QoL improvements to Elden Ring. This is a helpful mod to those still struggling with the game on PC.

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