Fortnite introduces tameable pets in Season 6 update

. 1 year ago
Fortnite Season 6 Wolves

After plenty of speculation, new tameable pets have been confirmed for Fortnite as the popular battle royale adds wolves, chickens, frogs, and boars to the map in Season 6.

If you’ve been longing to travel around Fortnite with a companion by your side, Season 6 has you covered. The March 16 update introduces tameable pets for the first time in Fortnite’s history.

First leaked back in December, wolves have seemingly been in the pipeline for quite some time. Now, after teasers from Epic Games as well, they’re finally in the game.

Little is known about how they function for the time being. Though they’re not alone as the only new animals in Season 6. Chickens, frogs, and boars are also popping up around the map. Here’s everything we know.

New Tameable pets in Fortnite Season 6

With the March 16 update comes a ton of fresh content. From classic weapons returning to new POIs, there’s plenty to digest. However, one of the biggest additions was teased just days out.

A March 14 video showed a number of unique images, one of which appeared to be a wolf. As the Season 6 downtime began, this teaser came to fruition.

“Tameable wolves are confirmed to be in this season,” prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX shared on Twitter. This means players will be able to tame their own pets while traveling the map. Wolves could be hostile at first, but after taming them, they might even fight beside you.

Alongside the new wolves, three other animals were also highlights: chickens, frogs, and bears. Though there’s no telling if these will be tameable pets as well, or just new animals appearing across various locations.

While pets previously made a splash in earlier seasons as cosmetic items, it appears they’ll have much more to do this time around.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when dropping into Season 6. After all, wolves might not be all too friendly at first.

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