Fortnite update 18.20 patch notes: Zombies return, new Combat weapons, downtime details

Fortnite update 18.20 patch notesEpic Games

Fortnite update v18.20 is upon us, and it’s bringing even more content for players to enjoy including Combat weapons and the return of jump-scare Zombies. Here are the patch notes.

Season 8 of Fortnite has already provided fans with plenty of content like Sideways Zones, powerful new weapons, and Marvel’s Carnage in the Battle Pass, but there’s more to come as Epic Games deliver the second update of the Cube-themed season.

As well as the second week of Fortnitemares promising new skins like the Golden Skull Trooper and more game modes to enjoy, the Cubes will be continuing their takeover of the island. Here’s everything we know about the patch so far.

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Fortnite 18.20 release date & downtime details

A clock representing Downtime in Fortnite

Downtime for the Fortnite v18.20 patch is expected to begin on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at around 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am BST although an exact time hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Based on previous mid-season updates, this patch could last anywhere between an hour and two hours. This really depends on how much content Epic are adding to the game.

Fortnite 18.20 patch notes

Fortnitemares Week 2 begins

This update marks the beginning of Fortnitemares Week 2, so expect another seven days of spooky content to enjoy. This will include new skins, more gameplay modes, and potentially a new weapon to use.

Week 1 surprised players with another Walking Dead collaboration in the form of a Rick Grimes skin, and a recent teaser for Week 2 suggests that we’ll be getting a golden variant of the popular Skull Trooper.

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You can see all of the upcoming and leaked Fortnitemares skins right here.

Fortnitemares schedule

New Combat Assault Rifle and SMG weapons

Two highly-anticipated weapons, the Combat Assault Rifle and the Combat SMG, have been teased in the v18.20 update. These two weapons have “tight bullet spread and exceptional power” but suffer from strong recoil.

The Combat AR and Combat SMG will face off in a vote as part of the War Effort to see which one gets released first. You can place your vote by donating Gold Bars at a Donation Board.

Jump-scare Zombies are returning

According to reliable Fortnite dataminer HYPEX, jump-scare Zombies have been added to the game once again. These creepy enemies will emerge from inanimate objects when you least expect them.

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Zombies will apparently have a 50% chance of spawning from their objects, which could be anything from a car to a hay bale, so you’ll need to stay alert during your next trip to the Island!

Another Ariana Grande crossover?

Several leaked strings (descriptions of events or cosmetics) from the v18.20 update appear to hint at another Ariana Grande crossover, as they make reference to her songs Breathin’ and Break Free.

It’s unlikely we’ll get anything as big as her virtual concert during The Rift Tour, but there could be some alternate styles for her cosmetics, a Music Pack, or maybe even a new Ariana emote.

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Voice chat added to Impostors Mode

Epic are making improvements to Impostors Mode by adding a new playlist with open voice chat. There’s also a new feature called Role Bias, which lets you choose the role you’d prefer to play.

The Cubes continue their takeover

At the beginning of Season 8, mysterious Cubes began appearing around the island. Since then, they’ve been multiplying and slowly rolling towards the center of the map, where The Aftermath remains.

Epic have teased that the next step of the Cubes’ plans will take place during October, with their domination over the island growing. We could see these plans come to fruition during this update!

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A giant Cube in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite 18.20 bug fixes

As always, Epic will be shipping a bunch of important bug fixes alongside the v18.20 update. You won’t always notice these, but they’ll help keep the game running smoothly for everyone.

Here are all of the bug fixes scheduled for Fortnite v18.20:

  • Reboot timer in HUD doesn’t match reboot timer on Reboot Card.
  • Unable to fish while inside certain vehicles.
  • Slower gliding when using Symbiote item and Launch Pad.
  • Battle Pass page unlock progress not always tracking correctly.
  • Switch players are not heard by other consoles in Game chat.
  • OnePlus Nord device experiences a crash on login.
  • Concert Rain VFX remains on island until Returning to Hub and entering the island again (Creative Mode).

That’s everything we know about Fortnite v18.20 so far! We’ll add more information when it gets confirmed, so check back soon and visit our Fortnite home page for the latest news.