Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Tomestones of Aesthetics explained

Liam Ho
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Dawntrail has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV bringing a new currency, the Tomestones of Aesthetics are the newest currency that can be exchanged for the highest-level items currently.

The newest expansion in Final Fantasy XIV is introducing more forms of currency to accommodate for the increase in level and items. The new Tomestones of Aesthetics allow players to purchase items with a high item level, letting them participate in high-level activities.

Looking to get the low down on the new Tomestones of Aesthetics? We’ve got you covered.

What are Tomestones of Aesthetics in FFXIV?

Tomestones of Aesthetics are the new Tomestone that replaces Tomestones of Causality and Tomestones of Comedy. Like the ones before it, Tomestones of Aesthetics can be exchanged for item level 700 gear, which is some of the highest gear you can obtain without participating in the Extreme difficulty trials.

Solution Nine in FFXIV
Players can exchange Tomestones of Aesthetics at the vendor in Solution Nine.

They can be exchanged at the vendor in Solution Nine, letting you bump up your item level and increase your damage, tankiness, and healing. This will no doubt be of great use if you’re looking to tackle higher-end content like Extremes and Savages.

You’ll need a fair amount of these Tomestones, especially if you want to gear up multiple classes because fully gearing a class using this currency will cost over 2000 of them. It’s also worth noting that while the gear you receive may be high item level, it might not be the stats your class wants.

How to get Tomestones of Aesthetics in Final Fantasy XIV

Tomestones of Aesthetics can be gained by completing certain activities on classes at level 100. By far the best way to obtain these Tomestones is by completing roulettes like Leveling or Expert, which will give you around 80-120.

Alternatively, completing any level 100 activity will also reward a smaller amount of Tomestones.