Asmongold mindblown by Jaina Proudmoore FFXIV glamour that’s better than WoW

Asmongold Jaina Proudmoore in FFXIVTwitch: Asmongold, Blizzard Entertainment, Square Enix

As Twitch streamer Asmongold continues his journey across the planes of FFXIV Online’s Eorzea, he’s come face to face with a stunning Jaina Proudmoore glamour that’s better than WoW itself.

Before there was Asmongold Bald (Asmon’s FFXIV’s Warrior of Light character), there was Asmongold, the World of Warcraft hero that took the MMO world by storm.

While the Twitch sensation’s switch to Square Enix’s title is reeling him in views, he’s highlighted multiple times that WoW will always remain a huge part of life.

With no plans to banish Azeroth to the annals of history just yet, the streamer got a huge shock whilst playing through Heavensward, as a familiar face from WoW has reared her head in FFXIV.

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WoW Jaina ProudmooreBlizzard Entertainment
WoW icon Jaina Proudmoore has arrived on the shores of Eorzea.

Asmongold stunned by FFXIV Jaina Glamour

While WoW is filled to bursting with iconic characters, the Daughter of the Sea and resident ice queen, Jaina Proudmoore, has cemented her place as a fan favorite. From cosplays to artwork, we thought we had seen it all.

Enter this FFXIV player, however. Rising to prominence on Asmongold’s streams, Sorceress Jaina has stolen the hearts of both WoW and Final Fantasy players alike.

Dressed in a stunning replica of the ice mage’s navy and white robe, everything from her crescent moon earrings to the blond streak at the front of her silvery hair has been masterfully recreated in this beautiful glamor.

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“I can’t get over the fact that Jaina in this game looks better than Jaina does in WoW,” exclaims Asmon. “That should just not happen. It’s insane. How does Jaina look better in Final Fantasy than she does in WoW?” Blowing him a kiss in return for his compliments, it’s pretty clear that this version of the WoW icon has enchanted Twitch’s resident MMO king.

A full list of the Jaina glamour can be found via, where the creator has written “thanks for all the lovely comments, by the way, FFXIV community! It’s very humbling and I am very grateful.”

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So if you fancy transporting a piece of WoW nostalgia into your FFXIV adventures, be sure to mimic Sorceress Jaina’s glamour. After all, you might score yourself praise from Asmon himself – achievement unlocked!