Summit1g loses it after Final Fantasy XIV sub expires during boss fight

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Jul 26, 2021
Summit1g and Final Fantasy XIV Online
Twitch: Summit1g/Square Enix

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar had a true livestream fail as he ran out of time on his Final Fantasy XIV sub while midway through a big-time fight.

Over the last few weeks, a number of Twitch’s biggest streamers have been sinking their teeth into different MMOs such as New World and Final Fantasy XIV Online, switching away from WoW and others.

Final Fantasy XIV Online has really taken off on some channels, with Asmongold seeing a huge boost in viewers after giving the game a try.

Summit1g, who is well renowned for his on-stream slip-ups, has also started to give the Square Enix a go on his own stream, and while he seems to be having fun, he made one crucial error during a big-time boss fight.

Summit1g speedrun
Twitch: summit1g
Summit1g has 5.9 million followers on Twitch and is king of variety streamers.

During his July 24 stream, the leader of the 1G Squad dove into Final Fantasy XIV Online and was taking on Shiva in a fight with his party, and they seemed to be having a fair amount of success.

Summit and his crew were melting the NPC, but before they could truly take her down, his game appeared to crash. “No way!” Summit yelled as he was greeted by the game’s main menu.

However, he quickly figured out what had gone wrong – he’d run out of time for his trial. “Have you ever ran out of time mid-boss fight? Has that ever happened to you chat or is that a world first?” Summit asked as he continued to giggle away at the slip-up.

Summit eventually managed to get back in after subbing to the MMO for another 30 days, but the boss fight was long gone.

He couldn’t help but laugh at what happened, though, as his stream reminded him of some of his more iconic mistakes. Hopefully, this one won’t go down in folklore like though.