All FFXIV expansions are massively discounted ahead of Dawntrail’s release

Liam Ho
Meteor on the Moon in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is offering the complete edition at a massively discounted rate, including all of the expansions thus far in the lead-up to Dawntrail.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Complete Edition has gone on sale at 40% of the cost. The sale on Steam lasts until June 5, 2024, and allows players to pick up an edition that contains all expansions as well as the base game for only $24 USD.

This sale is to help incentivize players to hop into the game and try it out for themselves, particularly with Dawntrail arriving on July 2, 2024. This gives you about a month to run through the entire story and complete any content you’d like before the next major expansion launches.

Now is the perfect time to get into the franchise and try the title out, as there is plenty of down time and no new content coming out until Dawntrail.

The complete edition of the game comes with every expansion released thus far, including their MSQ, raid series, dungeons, and much more. This deal also offers 30 days of free game time, giving you the chance to experience the game before needing to fully subscribe.

It’s worth noting that as Final Fantasy XIV is a subscription-based title, you will still need to pay for a sub after the 30 days are up. However, if you’re interested in trying the game to see whether a subscription would be worthwhile for you, this is the opportune moment to do so.

Of course, if you aren’t fully convinced and still want to give the game a go, you can always give the free trial a test. The free trial has no subscription and offers all expansions up until Stormblood, meaning you can run around and test the game as much as you want, and then fully commit later down the line.

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