How to complete FIFA 22 Party Bag 2 SBC: All cards, requirements, solutions

Nathan Warby
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EA SPORTS are finishing 2021 with a bang by adding the second Party Bag SBC to FIFA 22. Not only are there boatloads of special cards you could pull, there’s also a Winter Wildcards Token up for grabs. So, here’s all of the requirements, solutions, and cards you need to know about.

The end-of-year party is here, and FIFA 22 is joining in on the celebrations. Party Bag SBCs are a favorite among the FUT community, and there’s nothing better way to sign off in 2021 than with a shiny new special card.

We’ve seen no shortage of promotions in FIFA 22, from the dubiously received Numbers Up cards to Rulebreakers which churned out some seriously competitive players. Party Bags gives fans the chance to add a random one of these promo cards to their growing clubs.

This Party Bag is particularly special because it also helps mark the end of the Winter Wildcard event, and there’s even a Wildcard Token bundled in with the rewards. Here are all of the cards you can earn from Party Bag 2, as well as the SBC requirements and solutions.


Fifa 22 Team of the Group Stage
Four of FIFA 22’s biggest promos are available in the Party Bag

FIFA 22 Party Bag 2 cards

Party Bag SBCs give out special players from one of the promos that are no longer active. However, not every event is represented here.

The divisive Versus cards are notably absent, while the Black Friday Signature Signing versions are also missing. If you did miss out, though, there’s a good chance these will feature in a Party Bag later in the year.

Here’s the complete list of promo cards that you can pack in the latest Party Bag SBC:

  • Ones To Watch
  • Rulebreakers
  • Adidas NUMBERS UP
  • Team of the Group Stage

FIFA 22 Party Bag 2 SBC requirements, solutions & cost

fifa 22 adidas promo
EA Sports
Adidas Numbers Up wasn’t the most beloved promo, but there are still some top cards included.


Thankfully, there is only one SBC to complete this challenge, with four requirements:

  • In-Form TOTW players: Min 2
  • Squad Rating: Min 83-rated
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • Players in Squad: 11


According to FUTBIN, this SBC will currently set you back between 33K and 36K coins, depending on your platform. The FUT market is fairly unpredictable, so this can always change.

  • PlayStation: 33,700
  • Xbox: 35,800
  • Origin PC: 35,400


The generous Chemistry requirement means that this SBC shouldn’t give you too much trouble, but if you’re working with untradeable in-forms, you might be struggling to find a cheap way to get the rating.

Here’s the cheapest solution we could find without having to have loyalty or change positions:

FIFA 22 Party Bag SBC solution

FIFA 22 Party Bag SBC 2 – is it worth doing?

Given how cheap the Party Bag SBC is to complete, this is a relatively risk-free challenge that could return one of the game’s best players. The likes of Messi, Ronaldo, and Salah could pop in one form or another, so we think it’s worth the effort.

There’s also the extra bonus of a Winter Wildcard Token in there as well. So, if you’re a token short of the Swaps reward you want, this is an easy way to get over the line.

However, there are plenty of stinkers in there as well, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of rising your club to do it.

That’s everything you need to know about the latest Party Bag in FIFA 22. These kinds of SBCs don’t roll around every week, so this might be your moment to take your team to a new level.