FIFA 22 Numbers Up promo: Adidas 99 start date, confirmed FUT players & how it works

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FIFA 22 Numbers Up Adidas 99 promo loading screen.

EA SPORTS has announced an exciting new FIFA 22 promo, Numbers Up, in combination with Adidas which will be focused around a “Don’t Stop Till You’re 99” theme ⁠— that is, stat-specific boosts for hand-picked FUT players. Here’s the start date, confirmed players, and leaks.

FIFA 22’s newest Ultimate Team promo, an Adidas-backed event with stat-specific boosts for hand-picked players, was announced on a recent EA Twitch stream.

It’s an exciting promo, and not least because it brings a new concept to live FUT cards; starting in mid-November, several hand-selected players will be given Adidas cards, which will then be upgraded via EA SPORTS selection across the rest of the FIFA 22 season, culminating in a super-boosted new card.

It’s enough to get any veteran FIFA player buzzing.

Here’s everything we know about the FIFA 22 Numbers Up promo so far, including its start date, confirmed Adidas 99 players, leaks, how it all works, and more.


salah fifa 22
Adidas athletes like Liverpool’s Mo Salah could be getting stat-specific upgrades.

FIFA 22 Numbers Up players revealed

The Numbers Up players have finally been revealed by EA, and are as follows:

According to EA, “Throughout the season, select adidas players will receive attribute boosts in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team based upon their adidas boot of choice, until they reach 99 in one stat.

“From the Pace of the adidas X to the Dribbling and Handling of the adidas Predator and the Passing of the adidas Copa, each boot’s unique characteristic will enable players to reach 99 in the corresponding stat during the season in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.”

FIFA 22 Numbers Up start date

The latest FIFA 22 promo, the Adidas-backed “Don’t Stop Till You’re 99” event, was originally set to begin in Ultimate Team on Sunday, November 21, with at least one card release.

However, EA SPORTS has more recently pivoted to an earlier Friday, November 12 start date.

Dexerto is expecting several new cards to be released as part of a full-sized FUT promo lineup on that locked date, with upgrades then being spread over the rest of FIFA 22’s cycle. By the time Team of the Season rolls around in, these special cards should have been handed monthly stat boosts.

We’ll share all the cards on @DexertoFC when they’re revealed.

Don't Stop Till You're 99 card rules
EA SPORTS first revealed their Numbers Up promo during an esports event on Twitch.

Adidas “99” promo on FUT loading screen

EA SPORTS has now added the Adidas “99” promo to the Ultimate Team loading screen, confirming its official name: ‘Numbers Up’.

The early leaks confirm Dexerto’s start date prediction (above), and locks in the news that the ‘Don’t Stop Til You’re 99’ card upgrades will focus on — at the very least — big boosts for pace and passing stats for select players.

New Adidas 99 promo on FUT loading screen.

How do FIFA 22 Adidas “99” cards work?

The new Numbers Up cards will be hand-selected FUT stars that will receive focused boosts through a live system across the FIFA 22 cycle. That means one of the six front-facing stats on their cards will climb over the next few months.

There will be three upgrade stages for each card:

  • Upgrade #1: Campaign launch boosts
  • Upgrade #2: +5 for NumbersUp attribute, +1 for all others
  • Upgrade #3: NumbersUp stat to 99, +1 for all others

EA SPORTS explains: “Throughout the FIFA 22 season, selected Ultimate Team players will receive upgraded boosts until they reach 99 in one [front] stat.”

FUT Numbers Up cards explained.
EA SPORTS has revealed how Numbers Up cards will upgraded.

FIFA 22 Numbers Up card design leaked

Dexerto has already gotten an early look at exactly what the new Ultimate Team cards will look like, and they’re very stylish. The orange and yellow card is emblazoned with the Adidas logo at the top of the front-face, and may have a dynamic image for select players.

Here’s a mock-up of what a FIFA 22 Adidas card may look like:

Jamie Vardy FIFA 22 Adidas concept card.
In this Vardy concept card, we’ve boosted his shooting up to 99.

All FIFA 22 Numbers Up upgrades

So far, EA SPORTS has confirmed just one upgrade coming in the FIFA 22 Adidas promo. Popular American midfielder Giovanni Reyna, of Borussia Dortmund, will be the first FUT star to get a major boost.

Reyna’s “road to 99” in one stat will be focused on his pace ability, which is already a reasonable 77. This should begin climbing via upgrades in November.

Reyna Adidas card on FIFA 22 stream.
Dortmund midfielder Reyna is the first confirmed special Adidas card.

Our FIFA 22 Adidas “99” picks

Considering the FIFA 22 x Adidas promo is based around EA’s sponsored deal with the sportswear brand, there’s a good chance any special players included in the FUT event will be Adidas athletes.

That means FIFA has the pick of the Adidas litter. Trust us, there’s a lot of superstars waiting in the ranks of the multinational sporting company.

Moreover, the following players have been advertising the promotion on social media, which is as good a hint as any.

Confirmed Adidas “99” players

  • Giovanni Reyna – Borussia Dortmund

Possible Adidas “99” players

  • Paul Pogba ⁠— Manchester United
  • N’Golo Kanté – Chelsea
  • Joao Felix ⁠— Atletico Madrid
  • Ciro Immobile ⁠— Lazio
  • Jude Bellingham – Borussia Dortmund
  • Diogo Jota ⁠— Liverpool
  • Bernardo Silva – Manchester City

So far, only Giovanni Reyna has been confirmed. It will be interesting to see which players on that list will follow. We’ll have to wait and see.

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