FIFA 22 FUT Versus slammed as ‘worst promo in FIFA history’

Nathan Warby
FUT Versus Pulisic

FUT Versus is the latest promo to hit FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, giving fans a fire and ice version of each player to choose from. However, FUT players have hit out at the execution of this interesting idea, accusing EA of ‘messing up’ the promo.

Promotions have always been a key part of Ultimate Team, and FIFA 22 is no exception. We’ve already seen plenty of old favorites return in this year’s game, but EA have also introduced some new special cards for players to earn.

FUT Versus is the latest new promo, a fresh take on Freeze that was so popular in FIFA 21. The idea is two special versions of each player, Fire and Freeze, release into packs, with both having different strengths and weaknesses.

But now that both teams are out there, the community has responded negatively to the event. Fans have described Versus as “pointless,” and accused EA of botching the released cards.

Fut Versus fire team
Fire and Freeze versions of each card dropped, each with different stats.

As revealed in a post from Reddit user sahnees, EA appears to have made a mistake with cards that have been released. Emails sent out to players claimed the Versus event would pit “five-star weak foot against five-star skill moves in a decisive footballing showdown.”

However, this hasn’t proved to be the case. In actuality, only a handful of cards have seen upgrades to their skill moves or weak foot, and the contrasting version almost never boosts the opposite stat.

For example, Fire Rashford has five-star skills and a three-star weak foot just like his base card. But his Freeze version, which you’d assume would have maximum weak foot instead, has the exact same stats in these areas.

In fact, the only card which looks to have delivered on the initial promise is the Christain Pulisic SBC. This has led players to question why EA hasn’t addressed the issue.

“Has anyone contacted ea over this? Seems like they messed up big time,” said one player. “Crazy how they still sent out the emails today saying that despite it being clearly false as they didn’t upgrade the WF on all,” said another.

Without the upgrades to skill moves and weak foot, we’re left with two very similar cards with slightly tweaked stats. But many FUT users feel this isn’t enough to justify an entirely separate team full of the same players.

The other “upgrades” are either completely pointless or offer one obvious choice,” argued fans. “Doesn’t make any sense, almost every card is the same.”

Thanks to the confusion over the upgrades, lack of variety in each card, Versus has been labeled as a low point for the FIFA series. “Goes into the history books as the worst promo ever,” slammed one player. “Numbers Up and Versus are the Ronaldo and Messi of bad promos.”

Although the game has only been out a few months, it seems that the community is already unhappy with the rollout of content so far in FIFA 22. Rulebreakers was a clear standout, but the special events have failed to resonate in the way FUTMAS and Scream did in the past.

The fanbase will be hoping for an increase in quality promos as we head into the new year, as well as clearer messaging. And with Team of the Year on the horizon, there are still plenty of chances for EA to win over the players.