How to play as Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

Ted Lasso at Nelson Road in FIFA 23EA SPORTS

The FIFA 23 and Ted Lasso crossover has fans excited to play as their favorite clueless coach across a variety of modes. Here’s how to use Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and more.

Excitement for FIFA 23 was already high thanks to the host of new features EA are introducing this year, from the FUT Moments mode to crossplay support. Then, when the devs announced a crossover with the hit Apple TV series Ted Lasso, the community went into meltdown.

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The collaboration sees the loveable coach, AFC Richmond, and fan-favorite characters like Dani Rojas appear across many of FIFA 23’s modes.

Here’s how to get Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond items in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, as well as how to play as the two in Career Mode.


How to get Ted Lasso in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

EA have confirmed that all Ted Lasso content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will be available through in-game objectives. This means everyone will be able to unlock the items if they choose to, and there’s no pressure to open packs or buy them from the FUT market.

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  • How to get Ted Lasso: Complete FUT Moments challenges until you have four stars, head to the Star Gallery, click Seasonal and then buy it for four stars.

Ted Lasso items in FIFA 23

Check out all of the Ted Lasso items you can expect in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below:

  • Ted Lasso (Manager)
  • Coach Beard (Manager)
  • Nelson Road (Stadium)
  • AFC Richmond badge
  • AFC Richmond kits
  • Tifos

We’ll update this section as soon as the objectives are out so you know exactly how to get your hands on all of the Ted Lasso content you could possibly want.

How to play as Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 Career Mode

All of the boys are here in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Career Mode gives fans of the show the chance to live out their ultimate fantasy of playing for AFC Richmond or even stepping into the shoes of the great man himself.

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If you’re looking for the authentic Ted Lasso experience, then Manager Career is the place to start. From here you can assume the role of Lasso and guide the Greyhounds to glory by following the steps below:

  1. From the main menu, start a new Career Mode.
  2. Select ‘Play as Real Manager.’
  3. Find Ted Lasso under ‘Rest of World.’
  4. Select the team you wish to manage.
  5. If you choose to stay at AFC Richmond, choose a real team to replace and take their spot in that league.
  6. Hit ‘Advance’ and begin your journey.

Alternatively, if you want to play alongside characters from the show and receive a torrent of abuse from Roy Kent, Player Career is the best bet.

Here’s how to join the ranks at AFC Richmond:

  1. Start a new Career Mode and select ‘Create New Player.’
  2. Customize your avatar and hit ‘Advance’.
  3. Pick a team to replace in the league you want to start in and press ‘Swap Team.’
  4. Pick AFC Richmond under Rest of World.
  5. Adjust the settings and ‘Advance.’
  6. Start your Career Mode and become the next Jamie Tartt.

How to play as AFC Richmond in Kick-Off & Online Seasons

You can also play as the Greyhounds in one-off matches, both offline in Kick-Off and against real opponents in Online Seasons. All you have to do is head over to the Rest of World when selecting your team and you’ll find AFC Richmond as one of the options.

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That was everything you need to know about Ted Lasso in FIFA 23. Expect to see the iconic manager dominate the game this year in both Ultimate Team and Career Mode – football is life after all.

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