FIFA 23 beta plagued with game-breaking bugs

Nathan Warby
FIFA 23 Bonucci running

The FIFA 23 closed beta is now live, giving players their first taste of the new game. However, many are reporting crashes and bugs that are preventing them from enjoying the trial.

FIFA 23 is set to release in September and, as is tradition, EA have sent out closed beta codes to a select number of fans to let them try out the game ahead of time.

This is most players’ first opportunity to hop into the final game in the series as we know it, and get to grips with the new Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and gameplay changes.

Unfortunately, after the turnstiles opened on August 11, FIFA 23 beta users have been reporting a host of game-breaking issues.

Disgruntled players took to Twitter to share the issues they were running into. One of the most common was affecting PlayStation 5 players, who were met with an error message whenever they tried to load into the beta.

Once the application was opened, PS5 owners would see their game crash before the message “something went wrong with this game or app” appeared on-screen. The error didn’t give any clues as to what was causing the problem, leaving players wondering how to solve it.

Others seemingly had no trouble loading the FIFA 23 beta, but were unable to play any of the main game modes once they were in. Options on the main menu, even the standard Kick-Off mode, were greyed out and unplayable.

Not all players are supposed to have access to the same modes, as some beta codes open up Career Mode, while others only include FUT or Pro Clubs. However, Kick-Off, where one-off matches are played, is supposed to be universal with every code.

Instead, those encountering this issue could only use the Trainer, designed to teach those new to FIFA the fundamentals of the game.

On this latter problem, it’s worth noting that some players have reported that completing a number of the training matches does eventually unlock the rest of the proper game modes. But this doesn’t appear to be the case for everyone, as some have claimed to be stuck on the Trainer for now.

EA themselves are yet to address the issue, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is a deliberate decision to direct players towards the tutorial mode or an accidental glitch.

With only a few weeks until the FIFA 23 beta closes for good ahead of early access going live, fans will be hoping that this, as well as the crashing, will be resolved soon.

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