FIFA 23 stability issues strangely tied to PS5’s friends list

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FIFA 23 players on PS5 began experiencing crashing issues after Title Update 12; apparently, the system’s friends list may be the problem.

Title Update 12 for FIFA 23 recently went live on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The update addressed several known issues, including those connected to visuals, audio, and FIFA Ultimate Team.

In addition, TU 12 also tackled multiple stability issues. Recent reports from players on PS5, however, insist the latest patch introduced some stability-related errors, as well.

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Fortunately, EA developers have publicly acknowledged the problem, though a surefire solution has yet to arrive. But there is a temporary workaround, one that’s bound to have some folks scratching their heads in confusion.

PS5’s FIFA 23 stability issues have been linked to popularity

A Twitter post from the FIFA Director Communication account confirms developers are investigating the player-reported crashes on PS5.

While the investigation continues, the team has identified one workaround that should ensure users can launch FIFA 23 without a problem.

Apparently, the solution requires PS5 owners to reduce their “friends list to 100 or less friends and re-launch the game.”

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Responses to the above Twitter post suggest this particular fix isn’t working as intended. One FIFA player wrote, “Any updates on this? Deleted my friends list and still not working.”

Several people replied to the user saying FIFA 23 continues crashing for them as well, even after reducing their friends list on PS5.

This is certainly a strange occurrence, but it’s not the first time a PlayStation user’s friends list has impacted their ability to enjoy FIFA.

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In 2016, many players reported encountering an issue in FIFA 16 wherein they were unable to unlock the “Friendship Test” Trophy. Comments in a PSNProfiles thread claimed the solution rested in dropping their number of friends down to 50 or less. It seems some things never change.

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