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YouTuber Emma Chamberlain under fire for selling “pricey” coffee

Published: 7/Jan/2020 22:26

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Emma Chamberlain unveiled her own line of steeped coffee in December 2019 — but not everyone is pleased with the price of the “eco-friendly” product.

18-year-old Emma Chamberlain is one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, boasting well over 8 million subscribers due to her good-natured sense of humor and funny vlogs.

However, the online celeb has since branched out into the coffee-making business, debuting her very own “Chamberlain Coffee” in late 2019.

Touted as a “delicious, eco-friendly, and easy” alternative to coffee grinds and Keurigs, Chamberlain’s coffee comes in a bag, much like tea, and is made in the same way — by being submerged in water.

In spite of its supposed benefits for busy and ecologically conscious coffee drinkers, fans across social media are lashing out against the YouTuber, claiming that the coffee’s price point is a bit too high to justify their support.

Chamberlain Coffee comes in a variety of packs and bundles for buyers to choose from, with a 5-pack bundle going for $10 while a travel mug and ten pack bundle priced at $45.

chamberlaincoffee.comEmma Chamberlain offers a variety of bundles for her steeped coffee, including a 30-pack bundle for $60.

Out of these choices, many critics seem to be taking issue with her thirty pack option, which rings in at an even $60 — a price that they can’t stomach in spite of the coffee’s allure.

“Emma Chamberlain got the nerve to stick coffee grinds in a tea bag and charge us $10 for 5 bags,” one disgruntled Twitter user wrote.

“The price is NOT OK THIS IS SO EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE,” another critic Tweeted. “GET YOUR SH** TOGETHER B***!!!!!! REDICKULOUS!!!!!!!!”

Even other YouTubers have dragged the brand, such as creator Sebastian Williams, who called the coffee “gross” in his review of the product.

However, plenty of fans are coming out in defense of Chamberlain and her product, with fellow YouTuber Roberto Blake Tweeting, “Saw something that irritates me. You can’t just call something a “scam” bc you don’t like the price. Emma Chamberlain is selling 30 packs of Coffee for $60. That’s $2 a cup. How much is Starbucks again? There are real scams out there, this ain’t it chief.”

In spite of complaints to the contrary, it seems that Chamberlain’s latest business venture is being met with praise, marking a largely successful start to her caffeinated company.


IRL streamer mortified after elephant farts in her face while live

Published: 22/Nov/2020 23:50 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 2:28

by Brent Koepp


An IRL Twitch streamer’s majestic moment with elephants quickly turned sour when one of the animals passed gas in her face. The personality was left holding her nose after the unexpected moment.

In real life (IRL) broadcasts are wildly popular on Twitch as viewers never know what they are going to get when tuning in. Streamers that interact with the world live in front of an audience often are confronted with the unexpected as literally anything can happen.

That is what happened to one personality who was documenting her swim with elephants while visiting Phuket Island in Thailand. The online entertainer was left feeling unsettled after one of the animals abruptly farted inches away from her face.

IRL Twitch streamer holds nose next to elephant in Phuket Thailand.
Twitch: Justketh
An elephant left the Twitch streamer with a nasty surprise.

IRL elephant stream doesn’t go as planned

The streamer ‘justketh’ was broadcasting live in Phuket, and arranged to swim with elephants during her November 21 stream. However, things quickly took a turn when one of the animals’ trainers told her to swim up behind the creature.

Right as she was about to climb up on the back of it, the mammal suddenly let out a massive fart which sent the water rumbling. Unfortunately, the IRL entertainer’s face was literally inches away from the creature’s backside.

The Twitch personality immediately screamed and backed up, before laughing at the situation. However once the smell hit her, she pinched her nose shut and exclaimed “Ahhhh! No! That is bleh!”

This isn’t the first time justketh has had a hilarious run in with an animal while streaming. In November, the content creator was abruptly attacked by a goose which many called the real life version of the hit indie title “Untitled Goose Game” by developer House House.

While the elephant’s flatulence was certainly unpleasant, the Twitch personality was able to eventually continue her swim and take some pretty incredible photos with the majestic mammals.

IRL broadcasts are as real as it gets, as you literally never know how the world is going to act in front of your camera lens. And this is especially true for animals, it seems.