IShowSpeed left shocked after fan gifts him fake luxury watch during IRL stream

Dylan Horetski
ishowspeed gets gifted watch

IShowSpeed was left shocked after a fan gifted him a watch worth over $300,000, but later learned that it was likely fake.

During his trip to South Korea, YouTube star IShowSpeed’s IRL streams have been full of countless hijinx and even a couple of interactions with law enforcement.

It all started with Speed convincing a group of women that he’s KSI, then as the days went by the streamer had a bark-off with police, was bitten by a dog, and had equipment taken away at the North Korean border.

During his stream in the country, IShowSpeed was left shocked after a fan gave him a watch worth $300,000 but later found out that it was likely fake.

Speed encountered the fan after spotting him driving a Ferrari, and immediately got out to ask the man if he could drive it. The fan gifted him the Richard Millie watch almost immediately, and let Speed drive the red Ferrari briefly around the town.

The 19-year-old YouTube star quickly realized how expensive the watch costs and tried to give the $300,000 wearable back to the fan.

“I’m gonna see if he wants it back, ’cause he’s tripping. This sh*t literally costs more than my Lamborghini,” Speed said.

After confirming that the fan didn’t want the watch back and getting back into his car, Speed’s translators for the trip said they found the guy’s YouTube channel — and revealed that the man was on stream laughing about the watch being fake.

“Omg he gave me a fake watch, that’s why he left y’all… he’s not following no more cuz he knows it’s fake,” Speed said.

Although it turned out to be fake, this isn’t Speed’s first foray into expensive watches. Back in January 2024, Adin Ross gifted him a Cristiano Ronaldo watch worth $120K. And at least that one was real.