Kai Cenat beats Elden Ring after 166 hours of streaming and 1,701 Deaths

Meera Jacka
Kai Cenat in front of Elden Beast

Kai Cenat has officially beaten Elden Ring after continuously live-streaming for 166 hours and amassing 1,701 deaths in-game.

Cenat captivated the streaming world after announcing during an April 28 broadcast his plans to tackle FromSoftware’s Elden Ring for his next marathon. Despite the game’s notoriously difficult reputation, Cenat promised fans he wouldn’t end the stream until he’d won the game.

Kicking off the marathon on May 10, Cenat encountered numerous obstacles and hurdles that prolonged his gameplay. Despite this, the streamer’s marathon finally came to an end one week later, with Cenat officially beating Elden Ring on May 17.

Cenat originally predicted the game would take him anywhere from “70+” hours to “weeks, or perhaps even a month.” In the end, he beat the final boss at 166 hours and 52 minutes and finished his stream after 167 hours. That means Cenat played Elden Ring for nearly seven days straight, or 6.9 to be exact.

Notable roadblocks along the way included his battle against Malenia, which took 30 hours and 433 deaths before the fight concluded on Thursday, May 16. Prior to this, The Tree Sentinel had Cenat stumped for six hours and added 123 deaths to his total count.

Nonetheless, the streamer persevered and even managed to win a whopping $100,000 from Adin Ross after winning a bet and taking out Godfrey on the first try.

Ultimately, he concluded the game with more than 1,700 deaths under his belt, celebrating his victory against Elden Beast by screaming triumphantly and repeatedly, “YESSS!”

The moment was evidently an emotional one, leaving Cenat sprawled on the ground as he sobbed, “Oh my God,” and fans congratulated him in the chat. He also took to X (formerly Twitter) following the win, writing simply, “I FINALLY BEAT ELDEN RING.”

Viewers and fellow players praised Cenat for “not giving up” in a Reddit thread discussing the win, with one writing, “Kai put in f****** work… The fact that he had no prior experience but managed to pull it off is awesome. Dude could have taken the easy way out and quit so many times… you could tell he REALLY wanted to beat the game.”

The monumental marathon has seen a resurgence in Elden Ring’s popularity, which has become the number one most trending game on Twitch thanks to Cenat’s efforts.