Prime to launch $1M treasure hunt for fans to discover next flavor

Dylan Horetski
Prime X

Logan Paul & KSIs Prime is set to launch the “ultimate quench quest” to find the next hydration flavor according to a hidden page on the company’s website.

Since its initial launch in January 2022, Logan Paul & KSIs Prime has continued to launch new flavors for fans to enjoy — with a few being rather unique.

Meta Moon was revealed as Prime’s first mystery flavor, for example, and Glowberry was released with glow-in-the-dark bottles.

According to a hidden page on the company’s website, Prime is set to launch a treasure hunt to find the next flavor — and fans have a chance to win $1M in the process.

Discovered by eagle-eyed fans on social media, the new ‘hidden’ Prime X website features a newly designed ‘X’ bottle and the tagline “The Hunt for Hydration is coming.”

It also says that the “ultimate quench quest” begins on June 5, 2024, in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The website also features a video explaining the treasure hunt a bit more, describing it as a “global hunt for Prime’s latest flavor.”

“Scour the Treasureverse for 12 hidden map pieces inside Prime X bottles. Find where X marks the spot, and win the ultimate prize,” it says.

Prime has not officially revealed the upcoming treasure hunt, so the overall details are rather sparse. It’s unknown how fans will find the puzzle pieces, whether it’s printed inside the label or through an online redemption website.

Prime X bottles are already arriving in stores, and Logan Paul took to Instagram to share the new product.

“The cat’s out of the bag, a lot of you have been finding our new Prime X bottles. Now look, you might not wanna throw these away just yet as we have big news coming Monday,” he said.

June 10, 2024, is when the treasure hunt is rumored to be announced, and Logan has fans more intrigued than ever.

Logan Paul and KSIs Prime isn’t the first influencer-led company to have a sweepstakes tied to the product.

With the launch of Feastables, MrBeast included a QR code on the wrapper that allowed users a chance to win tons of prizes including a Tesla, bikes, and even the chance to win the YouTuber’s custom-built chocolate factory.

We’ll be sure to update this article as more news is revealed regarding Prime’s upcoming Summer treasure hunt.

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