Shaq asks Bobbi Althoff on a date in front of “jealous” Funny Marco

Molly Byrne
Shaq asks Bobbi Althoff on a date in front of her friend funny marco

Shaq called Bobbi Althoff during his podcast and asked her to go on a date as her close friend Funny Marco listened in disbelief.

From laying in bed with Drake during her ‘The Really Good Podcast,’ to going viral for her “awkward” experience with Sukihana at a strip club in Atlanta, influencer Bobbi Althoff knows what her fans want to see.

Her February divorce from Cory Althoff also caught the attention of fans after it was speculated that their split was due to her podcast interview with Drake, as fans thought the two may have hooked up.

Though unplanned, the podcast host went viral on May 16 after another celebrity encounter. While Shaq was interviewing Funny Marco on his ‘The Big Podcast,’ the NBA All-Star called Bobbi and asked her on a date.

“Hi Bobbi, I’m sitting here with Funny Marco and he told me to ask you on a date, so can I take you to the movies?” he asked the influencer. “Sure,” she responded before the two said “I love you” to each other.

Despite her answer, Funny Marco had his reservations about Shaq going on a date with her. “I don’t think Bobbi is a good one for you,” he told Shaq as he shook his head.

Funny Marco also wasn’t impressed by the date idea, as he looked directly into the camera to ask viewers if going to the movies was a ‘real’ date.

“Yes going on a movie is considered a date but shaq n bobbi is crazy ngl,” responded one.

Meanwhile, other viewers thought Shaq asking Bobbi on a date was hilarious. “Shaq is a whole menace,” exclaimed one. “Shaq a devious devil,” added another.

During the podcast episode, the host even called Funny Marco out for being “jealous,” as he and Bobbi are close friends. So close that Bobbi gifted him $20,000 for helping launch her career within the last couple of years.

The pair also did the ‘rock, paper, scissors” TikTok challenge earlier this May to promote their 2024 stand-up comedy tour, which consists of shows across multiple cities until the end of August.

Viewers of the viral podcast clip caught on quickly to his jealousy as well, adding their comical comments. “Calling her in front his face and locking eye contact is insane,” joked one. “Marco don’t play about Bobbi,” added another.

Though Shaq didn’t put a precise date and time on his outing with the influencer, she did agree, so fans might be hearing more about the duo sooner than later.