YouTuber BadlandsChugs dominates Nathan’s lemonade chug for 4th of July

Badlands Chugs/Bandcamp

Popular YouTuber and competitive eater Badlands Booker (also known online as BadlandsChugs) absolutely dominated the first ever Lemonade chugging contest at Nathan’s annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest, adding to his legendary status in the process.

If you’ve spent time on YouTube, there’s a decent chance you’ve stumbled upon Badlands Chugs before. You might know him from the famous video where he downs Big Smoke’s entire order from Cluckin Bell in GTA San Andreas.

He’s also become infamous for drinking anything and everything fans challenge him to, and most of the time he does so without breaking a sweat. On July 4th at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest though, he proved he isn’t just an internet sensation — he is a full-on human storm drain.

Chug starts at 1:38 for mobile viewers.

Football has the World Cup, Baseball has the World Series, and competitive eating has Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest, where on the 4th of July men and women alike gather to see how many hot dogs it’s humanly possible to stuff into your face within 10 minutes.

Badlands is no rookie to Nathan’s annual eating contest. He’s also an accomplished competitive eater besides being YouTube famous, and has been attending the festival for several years.

This year though there was a new test of skill (or endurance, however you want to look at it) on the docket, and it was right up Booker’s alley — to see who could chug one gallon of Nathan’s Lemonade quickest.

Now, if you’ve watched any of Badland’s videos before, you know he can throw back drinks with the best of them. But, his performance on July 4, 2021 only added to his legend, as he was able to down a gallon of lemonade in just 37 seconds.

The other competitor, let’s be honest, didn’t stand a chance. But victory wasn’t a given, as Badlands got off to a bit of a slow start before he opened up the spillway and really started to go to work.

You can literally see the lemonade disappear like it’s nothing once the floodgates are open, and Badlands even took some breaks before easily wrapping up while his opponent was still sipping away, and let out his trademark battle cry for the world to hear once it was all sealed up.

While he dominated the inaugural lemonade chug — thereby setting the new record at 37 seconds — Badlands wasn’t able to repeat his success in the hot dog eating contest, falling short of Joey Chestnuts’ score of 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Remember, Badlands Chugs is a professional, so we cannot advise you to try chugging a gallon of lemonade in under a minute at home.