xQc reveals how long his exclusive Twitch streaming deal actually has left

Isaac McIntyre
xQc on Twitch stream.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed he only has 14 months left on his exclusive Twitch contract, which will end in March 2023, at which time the world’s biggest streamer ⁠will hit streaming free agency again.

The French-Canadian has revealed to fans he will be a streaming free agent again in early March 2023, with his Twitch exclusivity set to expire on that date.

Unlike most streamers, xQc didn’t even tell fans he had signed an exclusive contract with any platform ⁠— though his choice was obviously Twitch. Instead, he “stuck to gaming,” admitting because nobody else made a big deal about it at the time, “I didn’t say anything either.”

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He has now revealed that deal has 14 months to run.

“Yeah, I’m on a contract right now. It ends in 14 months. Yeah, I’ll be on Twitch for another 14 months,” xQc revealed, before laughing: “Then it’s TikTok time!”

xQc streams on Twitch in purple room.Twitch: xQc
Lengyel will be on Twitch for at least another 14 months, he has revealed.

Considering the exclusivity wars hit their peak in 2020, the gaming goblin likely snapped up a deal in March that same year, and agreed to a three-year term.

Regardless of when it was actually signed, Lengyel’s deal to stream exclusively on the Amazon-owned platform has been a masterstroke in the following months, especially after his rise to the top.

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xQc has climbed into the stratosphere recently, especially this year, and reigns as the undisputed king of Twitch. His ever-growing online empire boasts over 9.9m followers, and his total hours watched in 2021 dwarfs the next closest star, Alexandre “Gaules” Borba, by more than a million.

According to StreamHatchet, the French-Canadian was live for 3,629 hours across the year, clocking up 272.9m hours watched by his “juicer” fans in the process.

StreamHatcher xQc stats.Stream Hatchet
No one comes close to the “king juicer” in streaming metrics.

xQc’s popularity has only been bolstered by his consistency too ⁠— he’s missed just twelve days, including two three-day chunks in July, since the start of last year.

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The top Twitch star’s immense, and sometimes unbelievable, streaming hours and followings across social media make him a perfect strike target for YouTube, who continue to add star streamers to their shopping lists.

Recently, the Google-owned platform scored major scalps by signing TimTheTatman, DrLupo, and Ludwig, all of whom had been Twitch mainstays over the years.

There’s even rumors brewing that Pokimane, one of the biggest faces of Amazon’s site, may be on her way out the door, though that is far from confirmed.

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Felix himself certainly has not decided if his future lies with Twitch streaming, or if he’s going to test the waters when his 14 months tick over in early 2023.

That date may even herald his retirement, he admits.

When asked if he’s going to be streaming long-term, xQc said: “I think until I don’t enjoy it anymore. My chat kinda gets weirded out when I say this, and some people don’t believe me either, I always tell them, if I feel this isn’t it anymore, I’ll quit so fast. It could be tomorrow, or it could be in ten years.”

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“If I don’t have passion, how can I translate passion to people? I don’t want to make them watch something I don’t feel like doing. It’s like I’m scamming people.”

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