Pokimane sparks YouTube rumors as Twitch contract ends

pokimane twitch youtube streamingTwitter, @pokimanelol / Twitch / YouTube

Superstar streamer Pokimane’s time with Twitch may be coming to an end, as she announced that her contract with the Amazon-owned platform is officially over. Without revealing whether she will re-sign or move to YouTube, she has teased the date for her upcoming decision.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is no average content creator and the place where she conducts her business matters to a lot of people. On Twitch, where she has streamed exclusively under contract for two years, she has over 8.9 million followers.

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Across both her Twitter profiles and her Instagram account, Poki has over 12.5 million followers. And, of interest to those wondering where she may stream next, she already has 7-plus million followers on her two YouTube channels.

In a January 31 tweet, the incredibly popular streamer announced that her Twitch contract has officially ended.

Further, fans will need to wait over a week to find out where her “next chapter” will be written.

Pokimane announces end of Twitch contract

In the new tweet, Poki explained that her “wild two years” with Twitch are coming to a close as the platform’s exclusive contract ends. Accompanying the announcement, she included a happy, but sad smiling, crying emoji.

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Teasing her “next chapter,” she also said that fans will be able to see her again on February 8.

While this isn’t clearly linked to any streaming platform, many are wondering if this means a switch to streaming on YouTube.

Pokimane leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming?

Just five minutes after Poki’s tweet, YouTube Gaming put out a cryptic message of their own that has deepened speculation about the streamer’s next plans. In the past, Poki has made jokes about YouTube’s streaming offerings, but nothing venomous enough to suggest she wouldn’t join the wave.

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With Twitch streamers like Ludwig swapping over and Poki’s friend Valkyrae teasing other signings, many believe the stars are pointing toward Poki jumping ship as well.

Following YouTube Gaming’s tweet, a common guess has been “Imane,” which certainly fits the character spaces cryptically included… as well as the current hype train.