xQc slams viewer complaining over react streams: “games are dogsh*t”

xqc slams twitch viewer

Despite DMCA scares and short-term suspensions, Twitch’s react meta is still going strong. Pioneer of the meta xQc can be found watching TV shows on stream for hours a day while slamming viewers who complain about his content.

Similar to video games, Twitch has gone through a series of “metas” over the past year. A Twitch meta defines what kind of content streamers will create, and they’re often sparked by the platform’s largest creators.

First, it was the hot tub meta that shifted to leggings and ASMR. Thousands of viewers would tune in to Amouranth or IndieFoxx to watch these streamers ride pool inflatables and, bizarrely, lick microphones.

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But a far more controversial meta has emerged in the past few months. The react meta, pioneered by xQc, features streamers watching their favorite TV shows with their viewers. This type of content puts streamers at risk of DMCA strikes.

xQc slams complaining viewer

xqc react streamxQc (Twitch)
xQc calls out a viewer for complaining about his react streams.

Viewers also often criticize the meta calling it “lazy” and wishing their favorite streamers would put “more effort” into their streams.

One viewer during a recent xQc reacts stream chatted, “Watching TV shows for hours and hours so much effort bro. Bring me back to 2019 where people actually played games.” This comment rubbed xQc the wrong way and netted a rather heated response from the streamer.

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“If you want to go back to 2019, you can just click on another stream and watch someone who is playing games,” stated xQc, “You’re here instead because games are dogsh*t. You’re not watching them because there’s no games to watch. I’m not playing games that are dogsh*t. And you’re watching me instead of watching somebody else. Maybe you’re the problem.”

xQc promptly returned to watching Shark Tank with his tens of thousands of viewers. So, while some viewers may not enjoy react streams, it’s definitely working for him in terms of viewer count.

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In another stream, xQc explains that the react streams and watching TV shows won’t stop. He laughed at the idea of receiving a DMCA strike and even plans to host anime watch streams in the future.

So, if you don’t want to foot a hefty cable bill and aren’t picky about what you watch, you can count on xQc to provide you with free episodes of whatever he chooses to watch that day.