Exclusive: How streaming star xQc landed $100M Kick deal

Jeremy Gan
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In an exclusive interview with xQc’s agency, they revealed how the streaming giant landed his $100 Million Kick deal’s price tag. 

In June 2023, Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Kick lit the streaming world on fire when it was announced the streaming giant had penned a $70 million with the burgeoning platform, skyrocketing the site’s popularity to the moon. And coming with incentives, it pushed the deal to $100 million.

The price tag is one of the largest of its kind in entertainment, with the New York Times likening its size to the two-year contract extension NBA star LeBron James signed with the LA Lakers. With 12 million Twitch followers in tow, xQc’s deal with Kick was so large that his first stream on the site forced the platform to make upgrades to its servers.

So the question stands, how did xQc and Kick come to the deal’s jaw-dropping price tag? 

xQc’s agency reveals how the Kick deal’s price tag was agreed

Speaking to Sébastien Delvaux, the COO of Evolved, the talent agency representing xQc, he joked when asked, “good agent-ing”.

Jokes aside, the price tag for the deal was set due to xQc’s immense audience size and the level of engagement they’ve proven to have over his years of streaming on Twitch. 

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xQc’s huge reach and engagement were the main factor for Kick’s jaw-dropping price tag.

“We’ve seen that Felix has a great ability to bring his audience wherever he goes, his audience is extremely engaged, one of the most engaged audiences you’ll find on Twitch,” Delvaux said. 

He pointed out that one of the least discussed aspects of xQc’s community, his subreddit r/xqcow, is one of Reddit’s biggest forums at 300,000 members and is a place where Kick’s name and branding would be plastered all over. 

Even past his subreddit, xQc is also massively talked about in various other communities he’s a part of, such as the GTA RP, Overwatch, and Minecraft scene, just to name a few. And signing xQc would allow Kick’s name and branding to spread through many of those avenues.

“There’s so many communities that we don’t even know about that are all focused around Felix and other creators that fans are putting time into,” Delvaux said of xQc’s influence over his audience. 

“They’re making memes, and they’re making all these different kind of things, and if Kick can be a part of that, they see that as extremely valuable.” 

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