xQc addresses YouTube channel return after copyright chaos

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Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed that his YouTube channel has been reinstated after its brief termination, and he could have easily avoided it. 

Plenty of streamers have used their success on Twitch to branch out onto other platforms. Many have dedicated TikToks, Instagrams, and YouTube channels set up to show off clips from their streams and, in some cases, upload full replays of their broadcast. 

Given that some streams have copyrighted content shown, it can be a headache to put them on YouTube. Former Overwatch star xQc recently found that out firsthand, as his main channel was hit with a suspension. 

The Canadian was annoyed that it had been taken down, mainly because of the community built up around his channel. However, it has since returned and it seems he could have prevented it from happening in the first place.

xQc YouTube channel unbanned after brief termination

The Twitch and Kick streamer addressed his YouTube channel returning during his November 27 stream, as he revealed he was “too lazy” to deal with some of the strikes that he’d already been hit with. 

“Somebody that is not part of any of these realms, a random, claimed to be one of these people and said ‘yo, this is my video’ but that person is not Tom Scott or the main video or anybody,” he said, noting the video which had got him suspended. 

“Literally when I sent the counterclaim, it just took a while to kick in and we were past the limit so the account got banned. That’s it.”

The streaming star is not the first, nor will he be the last content creator to be knocked down by false claims.

It’s something that has run rampant over the last few years, with many creators calling for change. Though, YouTube is so big that the auto-moderation systems have to be in place.

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