Valorant pro hits back after xQc explains why he didn’t sign their team

Declan Mclaughlin
xQc quits Valorant tournament

Valorant pro Matthew ‘Wedid’ Suchan hit back at Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s community after the creator spoke about wanting to sign his team from the North American Challengers League in early 2023, before pulling out.

The popular streamer was reportedly interested in signing Turtle Troop, a free-agent team with Wedid at the helm, which ultimately failed to make the promotion tournament for VCT Americas despite a strong finish to the season.

Negotiations reportedly broke down as xQc “ghosted” the players, but he still paid them for their time from when he was working with the team behind the scenes.

xQc later explained that he backed out of signing the team because they disagreed on the direction of the roster and other financial reasons.

The Canadian creator touched on the situation again on July 3 while watching Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik co-stream VCT Americas matches. He explained that the team did not share his “vision” for the Challengers roster.

“The reality is that I wanted to make a super team. I wanted a super team. I don’t think they wanted that vision. I thought they wanted it but they didn’t want it. They wanted to stay together as a full five, the way that they were,” xQc said.

“And I just thought if that’s the way that they want it, I think they are going to lose, so I’m going to pull out.”

Since xQc pulled out of the deal, Turtle Troop has maintained its spot in the Challengers League despite losing players to Tier 1 teams.

The squad eventually signed with DarkZero Esports on June 20, 2024, and is fighting for a chance at the Ascension tournament to earn a spot in VCT Americas for 2025.

Wedid replied to the streamer’s comments on social media and confirmed that xQc wanted a super team.

“He wanted a superteam, I wanted to keep my team together. I defended my position and convinced him that synergy is better than just buying players and slotting them in thinking they’re gonna be good together. He agreed to that point and still told me he was gonna go with us,” Wedid said.

He added that the situation is mostly behind him, but he felt compelled to respond as xQc’s community was “calling our team ass and just spewing bullsh*t” about their 2023 season.

Turtle Troop finished that year with a 5-5 record across both Challengers splits and missed the playoffs. The team stayed in the league by re-qualifying through a relegation bracket.

Wedid and DarkZero are now at the top of the 2024 Challengers league standings with a 5-0 record.

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