xQc fans are turning against Twitch star for playing too much GTA RP

Isaac McIntyre
xQc shrugs next to GTA stream.

A growing number of Twitch fans are turning against Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel over his  “constant” GTA roleplaying streams, even going so far as to harass the French-Canadian star and his mods ⁠— and he’s had enough.

xQc has been grinding GTA RP on the famous No Pixel lobbies ⁠(when he’s not banned, that is) for more than a year now, carving himself out a place in the server’s long history.

Apparently, though, not everyone in the streamer’s chats have quite enjoyed his love/hate story with the server. In 2022, a small slice of his millions of fans are staging a campaign to get him to pack in GTA, even going so far as to abuse xQc, his mods, and other Twitch fans.

And, unfortunately, the targeted abuse is getting worse.

These messages of harassment aren’t just limited to xQc’s Twitch chat either, and are spilling into his DMs, forums, on Twitter, and are now affecting his fans.

xQc loads up his Twitch stream.
The 26-year-old has been copping more abuse over his GTA streams recently.

First, the growing GTA complaints were restricted to his ever-speeding Twitch chatroom, where over 100k dedicated “juicers” throw around jokes during xQc’s streams.

In recent weeks, however, things have begun getting worse. The stream of steady “PepeAgony” responses when he fires up No Pixel servers are still there, yes. Then there’s also the fans breaking away from Twitch to hunt down fans of the Grand Theft Auto broadcasts elsewhere too.

“We have noticed a sharp increase in hostile complaints and targeted harassment in our replies,” xQcOWUpdates, an xQc aggregator, recently wrote on Twitter.

The account’s admins also spoke to Kotaku, revealing the problem is getting worse each day: “It seems these people are banned from xQc’s chat, so they come here [Twitter]. We try our best to ignore shitty comments, but when regular people in our community are also becoming victims of harassment [just] because they like watching xQc play GTA RP, it bothers us.”

Similar spot fires have appeared on other social media platforms like Reddit, where incensed xQc fans swarm GTA threads if they even barely reference the star.

A group of Lengyel’s fans are now constantly demanding he stop playing Grand Theft Auto.

xQc has yet to formally address any of these growing issues, especially the targeted harassment popping up on Twitter and Reddit aimed at his GTA fans.

The 26-year-old has, however, made his stance on the small subsection of his fandom that demands he play different games quite well known ⁠— just last week, he hit back at them in his own chat and threatened to ban them permanently, even delivering on those threats for a few.

“This chat has turned into literally only complaints lmao,” he wrote. “Actually nothing else but complaints. So many complainers. Don’t feel like rewarding that behavior these days.”

xQc has also gone on record to say most modern games are “dogsh*t” and, until something strikes his fancy, he’ll be sticking to GTA roleplaying for now.

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