xQc calls out Texas streaming house for being “extremely hostile” and “mega drama”

xQc speaking to viewers during Twitch streamTwitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has criticized the streaming community in Austin, Texas, claiming he would never return to the streamer house due to the “drama” that went on behind the scenes.

Content creator xQc has had to relocate on numerous occasions throughout his streaming career whether because of constant swatting incidents or even because of people breaking into his home.

At one point, the 25-year-old had settled comfortably in a streamer house based in Texas with fellow content creators, including Sodapoppin, nmplol, Malena, and xQc’s partner Adept. He later had to move again due to “daily” police swattings.

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However, this isn’t the only reason why xQc is “glad” he no longer lives in the Austin home. The streamer claimed that the “insane amount of drama” among the Texas streaming community made it a “hostile” environment for him.

xQc streaming on TwitchAfter hopping to new homes on a regular basis, xQc has settled back in his native Canada.

xQc slams Texas streamer house

On June 28, xQc’s chat asked for his thoughts on his fellow streamer Mizkif’s response to Greekgodx being banned from the Twitch. Although he was reluctant to speak about the issue at first, xQc then went on to criticize the streaming community in Texas.

He claimed: “There’s a lot of people that are saying ‘oh dude, Austin is so welcoming and so cool’ […] but the reality is that that’s not the case.

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“It is extremely hostile, it’s overly competitive for no reason, it’s mega ego, and it’s mega drama. The amount of behind-the-scenes sh*t is so stacked […] it’s f**king insane the amount of drama behind the scenes.”

xQc refused to drop any names or any “specifics,” but added: “I’m just saying, overall it’s not as it seems. It’s very tense, it’s dog sh*t, and I’m glad I’m not there anymore.”

xQc hasn’t found a place to settle yet and, while he’s moving between cities, it’s clear the Canadian streamer won’t be stopping in Texas any time soon.

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