xQc says people breaking into his house means he can’t go back yet


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has given an update on his current living situation, and why it’s currently unsafe for him to go home.

xQc has dealt with a laundry list of problems with his living situation. During a stream in June, the former Overwatch pro-player revealed he had been dealing with “daily” swattings of his home in Texas, which he was forced out of.

In July, he revealed there had been a home invasion involving a man with a crowbar, leading to even more uneasiness about moving back into the house. When he moved into Sodapoppin’s streaming house, strange things started happening there as well, leading him to move out of there too.

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As he’s cycled through living situations, xQc provided an update on his plans and explained why it’s still not possible for him to go home.

xQc speaking to his Twitch stream. Twitch, xQc
The Twitch star has been out of his own house for quite some time.

xQc living situation

xQc responded to a comment in his Twitch channel regarding his living situation and said: “Millionaire by the way, moving house every two weeks? I have to move out dude, I can’t even go back to my house man, it’s not safe.”

After a brief pause, the former Overwatch professional carried on and stated that people continue to show up at his home, making it unsafe for him currently.

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“Yeah, I don’t know,” Lengyel continued. “Maybe if people stop showing up to the f**king house and stop f***king breaking in maybe I’d go home dude. Jesus Christ.”

It seems he’s completely fed up with the situation, and rightfully so. He’s said previously that even talking about the swatting problems on stream isn’t a great idea: “It kinda gets worse believe it or not.”

As many fans have stated, they’d like to see the streamer back in familiar surroundings but they want it to be safe for him to do.

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