xQc says he’s not a fan of Adin Ross’ “recent behavior” but defends him from recent controversy

Connor Bennett
xQc in blue shirt alongside Adin Ross in white shirt

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel admitted he’s not a fan of some of Adin Ross’ recent behavior, but questioned why some fans turned on him after a recent interaction. 

While he started out life on Twitch as an NBA 2K streamer, Adin Ross has become a pretty controversial figure over the last few months. 

The former Twitch streamer, who now streams on Kick, has caused a stir by asking fans to perform dangerous acts for money, hitting fellow streamers with fake DMCA claims, and going on a “transphobic rant” by claiming his pronouns are “kill/them.” The latter of which saw him apologize after Kick’s Twitter liked a tweet that blasted them for making him their poster boy. 

However, it was another one of controversies, where Adin lased out at OnlyFans model and Twitch streamer ‘Barely Alex’ after she criticized him on stream that caught the eye of xQc. 

xQc isn’t a fan of Adin Ross’s “recent behavior”

The Canadian streaming star spoke to fans in Twitch chat while he wasn’t streaming on May 4 and touched on Adin’s recent conduct. 

“I don’t like some of Adin’s recent behavior, but something that really took me back is that one grill, spamming all his replies every day full of dog*hit trash. Everyone thinks it’s fine and funny. One day he calls her a fat b*tch, everyone turns on him,” xQc said in his offline chat. 

“How does that make sense? I’m not condoning any of that, per say, but the nature of that interaction is f*cking dog*hit.”

The streamer added slightly to that as he referred to his community, noting that is not the sort of interaction he wants with his fans – even though they do go after him during streams. 

“I don’t give a f*ck, no one is canceling me. I don’t give a f*ck about public backlash lol, I care about my own chat and community, my daily life. I don’t want that sort of exchange be our daily commute u know?” he added

He didn’t really expand further on that, and moved on before concluding his chat with fans.

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