xQc accepts El Rubius’ boxing challenge after showing off fight skills on stream

xqc vs elrubius feature image

After El Rubius challenged xQc to a boxing match, the two crossed paths during their Twitch streams attempting to intimidate one another with their physiques and boxing moves.

During Ibai’s record-breaking La Velada Del Año II stream, Spanish streamer El Rubius stepped into the ring to call out none other than the face of Twitch, xQc.

A day later, xQc responded surprisingly accepting Rubius’ challenge but only under certain conditions. The two were not allowed to train specifically for boxing, but instead only train for physical conditioning.

X stated he wanted to fight El Rubius in 2023, giving both of them enough time to condition, and he also wanted to put money on the line.

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el rubius and xqc intimidate one anotherxQc (Twitch)
El Rubius and xQc fought with swords over Twitch to intimidate one another

xQc and El Rubius show off boxing skills

Of course, xQc’s acceptance didn’t come without a bit of smack talk. The Canadian streamer claimed he could “fold him in half like a stack of paper.”

And while the fight is likely more than six months away, the two are already coming out of the gates swinging. During both of their streams on June 27, they pulled each other’s live feed up on stream.

Acting as a psuedo-weigh-in, the two creators stood to their feet and rolled up their sleeves to show off what muscle clung to their bones. They also lifted random objects around their rooms and threw punches at their webcams.

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However, xQc was quickly winded after lifting his chair, and El Rubius resorted to grabbing a lightsaber as a final intimidation tactic. To which xQc responded by using a stack of blinds as a faux sword.

xQc officially accepts El Rubius’ challenge

“I’m not out of breath. I’m not out of breath,” xQc stated while gasping for air after the two ended their altercation. He then reached for a sports drink to rehydrate.

The two hopped in a Discord call after showing off to talk about the event. xQc stated, “I accept the challenge officially though. If I back out, I guess I’ll be the p**sy.”

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The two parted ways stating they look forward to meeting in the ring.

While the real action is over half a year away, moments like these are more than welcome over until then. We might even see a physical transformation from both streamers before the big event.