xQc dumbfounded after discovering “slots for kids” during gambling stream

During a recent gambling session, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stumbled upon a child-friendly slot machine complete with stuffed animals and cute sound effects.

xQc’s relationship with gambling has been rocky, to say the least. He’s gone from admitting he has an addiction and feeling bad for leading so many people to start gambling, to ignoring all of the criticism and returning to gambling in 2022.

The massive creator has been criticized by viewers and fellow streamers, often claiming xQc could cause his younger viewers to start gambling. But X argues his fans will see the amount of money he loses and dissuade them actually gambling.

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That being said, he recently revealed that $119 million had been wagered using his promo code. And during his latest stream, he stumbled upon a virtual slot machine that looked to be made for children.

xqc playing fluffy in space gamblingxQc (Twitch)
xQc was left speechless after playing a few bets on Fluffy in Space

xQc finds childish slot machine while gambling

On June 27, xQc was enjoying a spot of gambling on stream hopping from game to game on Stake.com. His guest spotted a game with a stuffed Hippo in the thumbnail called Fluffy in Space, and xQc reluctantly clicked on it.

After having to use a VPN to access the game, Lengyel was met with a low-stakes slot machine featuring cutesy mascots and squeaky sound effects. As well as the low low max bet of $12.50.

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For reference, xQc normally plays slot machines where he bets $1,000 or more every play. And while he loses more money each play, he often wins hundreds of dollars every few players. But during his minute-long Fluffy in Space stint, he only walked away with a dollar in winnings.

xQc was left speechless for most of the segment, but his chat was quick to call out the machine for being “slots for kids”, “child slots”, and “gamba for toddlers”.

When he finally had enough of the slots daycare, xQc asked, “What is this goofy odd dogs**t? That was mind-boggling.”

He then switched to a different – albeit still cartoony – slot machine where he won and lost thousands of dollars in a matter of seconds.

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