GreekGodx unbanned on Twitch three days after bizarre rant

greekgodx rant on twitchTwitch: Greekgodx

Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos has been unbanned from Twitch, just three days after a stream where he spoke passionately about a variety of topics, including criticizing other streamers and making sexist comments.

Greekgodx is a veteran streamer, who took a lengthy break from Twitch to complete a rapid weight loss journey, before returning in 2020.

Although he streams much more infrequently in 2022, he went live on June 28, topless, and began what can only be described as a rant, about various topics ranging from current affairs, other broadcasters, and the reason he’s single.

Within hours of the stream, Twitch banned his channel, making it unavailable to view any of the VODs or clips. It’s not known what exactly caused the violation of community guidelines.

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greekgodx in gym with TSM logo in cornerTwitter: Greekgodx
Greekgodx was formerly a streamer for TSM, before leaving the org in 2022.

Greekgodx sexist comments on Twitch

In one segment of the stream, Greek said that if a woman wanted to date him, she would be expected to be “in the kitchen”, cooking and looking after the children, while he streamed and “made the money.”

“I’m going to sit here streaming, earn all the money. You’re going to be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and making sure my home is f**king clean.”

Greek shades Mizkif and OTK

Another possible reason for the suspension is Greek’s comments directed at other streamers. Twitch has guidelines to prohibit streamers from targeting other broadcasters with harassment, including “personal attacks.”

When streamer Wantep entered the chat, Greek said that he was an “OTK enjoyer”, the org that Mizkif co-owns. He also said that all Mizkif does is “bait drama for attention”, and called the organization a “circus.”

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Other moments from the stream include Greekgodx saying that anyone “scammed” by Ice Poseidon deserved it, and that kids should gamble at a young age to learn about the dangers of gambling.

GreekGodx responds to his Twitch ban

Shortly after his ban was shared by Streamerbans on Twitter, the creator posted his own tweet explaining his side of the ban.

He said: “I have been a naughty boy no more twerking from me! Sorry boys ill keep that type of content for ticktok!”

Skeptical, fans quickly took to the replies to make sure it wasn’t actually for the “weird rants,” which he said it wasn’t.

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GreekGodx unbanned from Twitch

Just three days after his ban, GreekGodx’s channel has been restored. He quickly quote-tweeted streamerbans with a video for his followers.

Twitch does comment publicly on community guidelines violations to protect the privacy of users. This means that unless he shares his ban reason, we may never know.