Mizkif responds to Greekgodx after ban: “He’s mad I took his spot on Twitch”

Mizkif and Greekgodx on TwitchTwitch: Mizkif / Greekgodx

Twitch streamer Mizkif has hit back after criticism from now-banned streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos, claiming that Greek is jealous of his success as a streamer and that he took his “spot” on the platform.

On June 28, Antonatos went live with a ‘Just Chatting’ stream, where he covered a discussed his streaming career, as well as other streamers – with a number of comments about Mizkif. He was banned shortly after the stream.

He said that Miz used “negative drama farming” for viewership, as well as bringing women on his stream simply to attract more people to watch. Mizkif addressed these claims, as well as slamming Greek for his “incel” take on female streamers.

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Greek had said that if he was dating a female streamer, she would not be allowed to stream, and instead would “be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning.”

Greekgodx streamingTwitch: Greekgodx
Greek’s stream resulted in a ban, although the exact cause is unknown.

Mizkif says Greek has changed

After watching a clip of Greek’s comments on female streamers, Miz said, “I feel like Greek did not have these ideas, and then he just sees someone say this with some confidence, and he’s just a sheep, and he just listens to them and it becomes his lifeblood.

“I don’t think Greek had these kinds of takes a year ago. Even two years ago. Greek was not like this, man. He just wasn’t.”

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“Greek is mad I took his position”

Tackling Greekgodx’s criticism directly, Mizkif believes that his fellow streamer is “mad I took his position as the unfunny fat guy.”

“He’s mad about my success, and who I am. He was mad the day I went live, and he saw me and put a ResidentSleeper [emote] in my chat. He’s been mad ever since because he knew I was going to take his spot. And I did.”

“Greek, since I was a young buck on the scene, was always very wary and shitty to me,” Mizkif continued. “And it’s because I knew that he knew, that I knew, that we knew, that I was going to take his spot.”

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Greekgodx is currently suspended from Twitch at the time of writing. The exact cause of his ban is unknown, although he has intimated that it was due to ‘twerking’ on stream, rather than his comments about other streamers.