xQc lashes out at Twitch chat for ruining his mood with “dumb” Adept jokes

Meera Jacka
xQc and Adept

‘xQc’ has called out viewers in his Twitch chat for making “dumb” jokes about his ex, ‘Adept’, instead of letting the situation “die down”.

After a messy split in 2022 that resulted in a long legal battle between the two content creators, things finally came to a close when xQc revealed he had “won” all of his court cases during a March 27 stream in 2024.

While Adept’s lawyers have allegedly filed an appeal, xQc is looking to put the drama behind him and has already moved on to a new relationship with Twitch streamer ‘AikoBliss‘. However, that hasn’t stopped viewers from bringing up the past.

Most notably, fans of streamer ‘Erobb221’ recently spammed Twitch chat with reference to xQc’s McLaren, which Adept resold during their legal battles. Frustrated, xQc went on a rant, slamming those bringing up the situation, as well as Erobb for not moderating his chat.

Calling Erobb’s chat “dogsh**” and “out of control”, xQc expressed annoyance with the lack of moderators preventing viewers from spamming Adept in the chat.

He went on to explain that he didn’t have any issue with quips “about almost everything” and would let people “get away with the craziest banter”, but considered the situation with Adept to be different.

xQc stated this was because Adept was “unhinged” and pointed to his own community’s lack of support: “The fact that you guys [are] grilling each other [with] dumb re***d jokes about my ex is ridiculous.”

Instead of bringing up Adept in chat, xQc told viewers to “let that sh** die down” as “nobody actually gives a f***”. He said, “Let these people just f***ing slide back to the f***ing caves.”

If viewers chose to “move on” and didn’t bring up the drama in chat, xQc stated those involved would “go back [to] where they f***ing [came] from”, which he described as the “bottom of the barrel” and “absolutely f***ing nothing.”

He later told viewers that he was “malding the f*** out” before having even played a game on stream, adding to his anger when the situation arose: “You act like I wasn’t already completely mald.”

Despite his complaints, viewers weren’t all sympathetic to xQc’s pleas. One person called the Twitch streamer “the sorest loser of all time”, claiming that because he “never just takes it with stride”, the chat takes advantage of his “butthurtness”.

“He was mad the entire stream,” another person agreed, writing that xQc “just needs someone else to blame other than himself.”

A third person theorized xQc’s own behavior was why viewers felt comfortable bringing up his past: “He makes fun of his ex from time to time and that makes chat think that it’s okay to bring it up too.”

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