Who will Jake Paul fight next?

jake paul logan paul boxing matchInstagram: loganpaul

With Jake Paul getting a split decision win over Tyron Woodley, all eyes are on who he’ll be fighting next – and there’s a long list of candidates. 

When Jake Paul first stepped into the boxing ring back in 2018, he did so to fight fellow content creators. Since then, he’s moved on to fighting athletes and skilled fighters. 

His knockout wins over Nate Robinson and Ben Askren were pretty impressive, but grabbing a split decision victory over Tyron Woodley really adds to his credibility and makes him a dangerous opponent. 

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There are plenty of fighters who want a piece of the Paul, especially as it means you’re in for a decent payday win or lose. Though, there are some standout contenders. 

Jake Paul boxing hit list TwitterTwitter/jakepaul
Jake Paul notably included KSI in his boxing “hit list,” which also features major fighters like Conor McGregor and Canelo.

Will Jake Paul fight Tyron Woodley or KSI next?

While plenty of fighters have thrown their hat into the ring and offered to fight the internet star, as of writing, nothing has been decided just yet. Jake doesn’t have a fight lined up or announced. 

There have been rumors swirling that he owes Woodley a rematch – and the former UFC Champ even stated that it could happen after his loss – but there hasn’t been anything imminent. Plus, T-Wood needs to get a tattoo to make it happen.

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Additionally, there has been a bout with KSI brewing for quite some time. The British YouTuber showed a win over Jake’s brother Logan in his first pro fight, and since then, Jake and KSI have continually traded verbal shots about a fight. 

Jake Paul Tyron WoodleyAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley had some good exchanges throughout the fight.

Could Jake Paul fight Conor McGregor or Tommy Fury?

While one of those two seems the most logical, there are other options on the table as well. Jake has got into an online feud with Tommy Fury – who won his fight on the Paul vs Woodley undercard – and the YouTuber stated that a fight made sense. 

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However, Jake also noted that he wanted to see Fury’s star in the United States start to rise first, which it likely did following his own win. 

There is also the option of Conor McGregor. The Irish fighting icon had been quick to shut down the possibility of fighting Logan or Jake as they’ve been calling him out for years, but he’s softened that stance since.

He lost his last fight due to a gruesome injury but there is no doubt that it’d be a huge spectacle if they came to trade blows in the ring. McGregor even tweeted during the fight, suggesting he was eyeing it up.

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Will Jake Paul fight Logan Paul?

There have also been longtime rumors that Jake and his brother Logan would actually square off at some point. They both said they were reluctant to do so at first, but like McGregor, that stance has softened. 

For now, though, it appears as if Jake will be celebrating his win over Woodley for the time being. 

If anything changes and an opponent stands out, we’ll be sure to update this post.