Who is Sykkuno? Wholesome Twitch streamer to new YouTube gem

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Sykkuno joined the exodus to YouTube Gaming after his stellar rise on Twitch. We take a look at who Sykunno is and explore the wholesome streamer’s career so far.

Right off the bat, his broadcasts have a much different tone than what you’d normally find on most channels. Where many content creators rely on a steady supply of eccentric gameplay or highly energized react videos, viewers will be surprised to see how laid-back Sykkuno’s streams can be.

Streams are driven by his wholesome characteristics, tamed approach to a given situation, reserved demeanor, and, of course, the ‘anime protagonist’ vibe he immediately gives off.

Since starting his journey as a League of Legends creator on YouTube to streaming Among Us on Twitch with the likes of Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and more, Sykkuno hasn’t stopped growing while hardly raising the decibels in his content.

The internet’s friendliest streamer: Sykkuno

Sure, there are haters who see Sykkuno’s success and want to bag on the streamer – with threads filled with speculation his personality is fake or purposefully embellishing mannerisms.

But it’s hard to find clips to support that. The more you pay attention to him, the more you want to see if he’s going to crack. But then he doesn’t.

Consider how his sunny disposition perfectly plays off of Corpse Husband’s dark demeanor – just one way he’s been known to light up Twitch streams since skyrocketing in viewership.

He started broadcasting his face in early 2020, and the only times he’s broken character wasn’t for raging or giving a desperate hot take – instead, it was because he was overjoyed with the birthday wishes from his friends and community.

(Mobile viewers: Timestamp at 10:40)

Sykkuno blows up on Twitch

There’s a mixed bag of reactions when looking at Sykkuno’s rise on Twitch. He’s had his account since 2011, and was largely absent on the platform from 2015 to 2018, according to SullyGnome.

He was encouraged to turn the broadcast back on with some encouragement from longtime friend and OfflineTV member Lilypichu, according to TopTwitchStreamers. It’s a good thing he did, too.

Since coming back at the tail end of 2018, his old followers and new fans were giving him healthy streams with an average viewership, hovering at 60-100 people for the first few months of his return.

Of course, recurring features in animated videos that featured Lilypichu, Scarra, and the like also contributed to his growth; it was around mid-2019 when people were starting to recognize Sykkuno based on his voice alone.

Metrically, there are three defining moments during the streamer’s rise: TwitchCon 2019; his appearance on the Rajjchelor, since called Love or Host, in May 2020; and his August move into the OfflineTV house.

The first two instances defied Sykkuno’s aptitude for being low-profile while putting him face-to-face, in a manner of speaking, with the wider streaming community. And once people knew about him, they couldn’t turn away.

Sykkuno moves to YouTube Gaming

Sykkuno has left his abundant Twitch empire to join the ever-growing ranks of streamers now broadcasting exclusively on YouTube.

Sykkuno, who recently went from the OfflineTV house to temporarily room with Valkyrae, has been broadcasting easy-viewing variety streams that quickly convert interested audiences into regular viewers.

Well, that audience eventually made him a hot commodity in the streaming wars. The writing was on the wall ahead of his Twitch switch which made him YouTube’s latest exclusive signing.

Fans noted when Sykkuno removed ‘Twitch partner’ from his Twitter bio a day before the reveal and were clued in later that the steamer was temporarily staying with Valkyrae to take care of some business in LA.

Sykkuno made the official announcement on May 2, 2022 – nearly two years after his meteoric rise to fame in 2020. Now, he and Valkyrae both stream on the same platform, where Sykkuno boasts 2.68 million subscribers.

Does Sykkuno sell merchandise?

Sykkuno launched his very first merchandise line in April 2022.

The line includes an array of t-shirts, striped green scarves, and even green hoodies with a little sprout on the top to represent his iconic Among Us character.

When is Sykkuno merch drop
Sykkuno’s merch line features a wide array of clothing and accessories.

Fans can cop Sykkuno’s merch at the official online store.

Why does Sykkuno cover his mouth when smiling?

If you watch Sykkuno, even briefly, you may pick up on a peculiar habit of his – he will often cover his mouth when laughing or smiling. Sykkuno has explained that he covers his mouth because people had made fun of him, and he so he formed a habit of putting his hand over his face.

Fans have encouraged him to break the habit, as the streamer has a perfectly normal smile.

In July 2019, Sykkuno had around 16.5 followers on Twitch; just a year later, he was at 250,000. And in the months following August, he breezed past a million followers on Twitch, and sat at 4 million before his switch to YouTube in 2022.

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